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CAOT- Em-POWERment: Power mobility training methods for children and adolescents with multiple severe disabilities 11/07/2017 01/13/2017 10/31/2017
CAOT- Occupational therapy’s role in facilitating aging in place for clients with advanced dementia 01/23/2018 01/13/2017 01/16/2018
CAOT- Chronic conditions on-the-job: Inflammatory/autoimmune disorders 03/27/2018 01/13/2017 03/20/2018
CAOT- Relationships in end-of-life care: An occupational perspective 03/06/2018 01/13/2017 02/27/2018
CAOT- Using MOHO with school teachers: Supporting inclusion and participation of children with disabilities in the classroom 05/25/2017 02/22/2017 05/18/2017
CAOT- Using MOHO to identify how environments support participation for people with complex illness 10/24/2017 02/22/2017 10/17/2017
CAOT- The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative 10/17/2017 02/22/2017 10/10/2017
CAOT- Ethics of clinical decision-making for older drivers: Reporting health-related driving risk 09/19/2017 01/13/2017 09/12/2017
CAOT- Transitioning individuals with developmental disabilities to post-secondary options: The role of occupational therapy 09/12/2017 01/13/2017 09/05/2017
CAOT- Hospital-to-school transitions following an acquired brain injury: Regaining and reconsidering occupations 09/05/2017 01/13/2017 08/30/2017
CAOT- How Occupational Therapy Influences Neuroplasticity 08/22/2017 01/13/2017 08/15/2017
CAOT- An occupational therapy approach to measuring frailty in the community-dwelling older adult 08/08/2017 01/13/2017 08/01/2017
CAOT- Helping Older Adults Thrive: Occupational Therapy and Community Mobility 08/01/2017 01/13/2017 07/25/2017
CAOT- Implementation of performance-based cognitive assessments using implementation science frameworks 06/13/2017 01/13/2017 06/06/2017
CAOT- The Impact of Vision Loss on Development and Learning in Young Children 06/06/2017 01/13/2017 05/30/2017
CAOT- Unpacking Motivation: What Enhances Engagement in Therapy with Children and Families? 06/01/2017 01/13/2017 05/23/2017
CAOT- Managing Executive Dysfunction to Improve the Participation of People with Stroke 05/30/2017 01/13/2017 05/23/2017
CAOT- SECuRE, or the assessment of people with mental illness’ home safety 05/09/2017 01/13/2017 05/02/2017
CAOT- Development of a mental health driving screen: SPOT-DS 05/02/2017 01/13/2017 04/25/2017
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