OT & Dementia Care - Web Link Archive

OT & Dementia Care - Web Link Archive
Occupational Therapy & Dementia Care: Building Capacity, Building Support- Webinar Archive
Presenter: Sylvia Davidson
Description: As an occupational therapy, you can play a key role in addressing issues of safety for persons with dementia while respecting independence and autonomy as well as supporting these individuals and their caregivers. Using client examples, this presentation will provide an overview of some of the challenges occupational therapists face, while highlighting strategies that enable these clients and their caregivers to retain more independence, with a focus on aging at home. As well, participants will learn about a CAOT Dementia Practice Networking Group (CoP) that is being established. This is an important step in stregthening the capacity of occupational therapists by providing a forum for knowelgde exchange between occupational therapists who are working and interested in demential care.

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