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CAOT’s mission is to advance excellence in occupational therapy. Please find below the current opportunities to be involved with CAOT.


CAOT Publications ACE

CAOT publishes and distributes a variety of textbooks, workbooks and other learning materials to help advance the knowledge of occupational therapy and promote the work of Canadian authors.

Become an Author with CAOT Publications ACE
If you are interested in submitting a book proposal please complete the “Publication Proposal” form and submit to The proposal is typically  3 - 10 pages once completed, plus a sample chapter and author information. We welcome applications from all authors and extend a special invitation to first-time authors. We appreciate the opportunity to review your work. 

Provide Content Review for a CAOT Publication
The purpose of a content editor is to provide suggestions to improve the clarity of the text and give constructive feedback to the author(s). Specifically the role includes:

  • (1) conscientiously reading the text;
  • (2) providing comprehensive critique on the text, and recommendations for its improvement. The recommendations may address the form or structure of the text, content that should be added or deleted, and references that should be consulted. The reviewer should bear in mind that the text will be edited by a CAOT reviewer for quality and language as well as a copy editor.

For more information, please contact

CAOT Workshops

CAOT Workshops are unique Canadian evidence-informed hands-on learning opportunities reflecting the CAOT membership profile of practice as a way to serve our members. Typically, the workshops are either one or two days in duration and are presented by one or two presenters.

Present a Workshop with CAOT Learning Services
If you would be interested in presenting workshops with CAOT, please complete the “CAOT Workshop – Proposal” form and send it to


CAOT Webinars

CAOT Lunch & Learn webinars are one-hour web-supported teleconference sessions that are offered as a tool for knowledge translation between researchers, practice leaders and clinicians. They are offered on topics fitting with the CAOT monthly themes along with other topics of interest to CAOT members. The one-hour presentation includes a 10-15 minute question and answer period and may be presented by a maximum of two presenters.

Present a Webinar with CAOT Learning Services
If you would be interested in presenting a Lunch & Learn webinar with CAOT, please complete the “CAOT L&L Webinar – Proposal” form and send it to



Present a Webinar to a Provincial Special Interest Group (SIG) or an Occupational Therapy Network
Webinars are occasionally offered to CAOT-BC Special Interest Groups or to CAOT Occupational Therapy Networks as a knowledge translation tool for a particular topic. For more information about webinars through CAOT-BC Special Interest Groups, please contact

Occupational Therapy Now

Occupational Therapy Now is the Association's practice magazine and is published six times a year. Occupational Therapy Now provides occupational therapists with information to meet the challenges of their day-to-day practice. Articles encourage discussion and debate of occupational therapy issues. Topics include clinical applications of recent research and theory; evidence-based practice; socio-cultural, political and economic influences on occupational therapy; as well as other information relevant to the profession at large.

For more information on how to submit to Occupational Therapy Now, go to: or contact:

CAOT Standards and Accreditation


Review an Occupational Therapy Education Accreditation Program
CAOT is always looking for volunteers to help us for both the Occupational Therapy Program Accreditation and the Occupational Therapist Assistant, Physiotherapist Assistant Education Accreditation Program (OTA PTA EAP). Although the accreditation process is time intensive, reviewers say they derive benefits for their own development as well as your program from the understanding of the process and learning of new methods and ideas. Reviewers submit curriculum vitae for review by the Academic Accreditation Council (ACC), and must declare any conflict of interest if selected for a particular program review. To express your interest and for more information, please contact

Participate in NOTCE item generation workshops
During an item generation workshop you are responsible  to create cases and questions for the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE). To express your interest and for more information, please contact

CAOT Public Affairs and Policy


Develop on an Advocacy Tool
In collaboration with CAOT members, CAOT develops a variety of tools and resources to assist efforts to advocate for occupational therapy services in Canada (e.g., position statements, fact sheets, vignettes, letters to Members of Parliament). For more information on how you can be involved, please contact


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