Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

CAOT principles of good practice in continuing education

I. Learning objectives:

  • Are identified and provided to participants prior to the continuing education activity .
  • Can be quantified and measured.
  • Target specific relevant changes in learners' knowledge, skills and/or attitude.
  • Can be utilized and applied in settings beyond the learning environment.
  • Support and promote the goals of the individual learner and/or the client organization.

II. Design of learning experiences

Learning experiences are designed to:

  • Promote active learner participation.
  • Provide feedback to learners regarding progress.
  • Accommodate the individuality of learners.
  • Provide a progression from simple to complex levels of development.
  • Use instructional strategies and material and program content to optimally meet the learning objectives.
  • Utilize instructors who are competent in the subject matter based on work experience, formal education, publication or recognition by peers.
  • Use an appropriate number of instructors to permit the use of effective instructional methods and effective interaction.
  • Provide a physical or virtual environment and support services which promote and facilitate learning.

III. Assessment of learning outcomes

  • The learners' achievement of intended learning outcomes is assessed.
  • Modifications are made to the activity when appropriate to promote achievement of learning objectives.
  • The learners' achievement of the learning objectives is recognized and documented.

IV. Administration of continuing education activities

Continuing education providers:

  • Have a clearly stated written mission statement.
  • Have sufficient appropriate and stable human, fiscal and physical resources for providing quality activities.
  • Maintain complete and accurate participant records including:
  • Provide name and brief description of activities
  • Length of contact hours
  • Name of instructor
  • Satisfactory completion of activity and recognition awarded
  • Utilize promotion and advertising that fully disclose information about its programs, services and fees.
  • Strives to continuously improve all aspects of the education activity to optimally meet the needs of the learner.

Council on Continuing Education Unit. (1984). Principles of good practice in continuing education. Silver Spring, MD: Author.

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