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Moving to Canada

If you are thinking about practising occupational therapy in Canada, there are many things to learn about Canada and the occupational therapy profession that will be helpful to you as you make your choices and decisions.

There are many Government of Canada Web sites that provide information and practical resources to help you understand what Canada is like and what it is like to live here. Many of these sites will give you a very detailed picture about Canada that you can use before and after you move.

For more information about moving to Canada, please visit the following websites:

Immigrating to Canada

If you are considering immigrating to Canada, you will want to have as much information as possible to ensure you understand the requirements, eligibility, immigration application process, application for citizenship, and other important details.

A good place to begin is to visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Web site. Here you will find information that may fit your situation. For example, as a graduate of an occupational therapy program in your country, you may qualify to immigrate under the skilled workers and professionals category. There are other categories you may want to explore, too.

To learn more about Canadian immigration requirements please visit the following websites:

Every country has its own emigration rules. The best place to begin is to consult the government in your country about what the requirements are to move to Canada.

You can also contact the Canadian embassy in your country. They will have helpful information about what you will need to know and do.

There are also many settlement agencies in Canada – organizations that help new immigrants to find a place to live, enroll in language courses, where to buy food, find a job, and other tasks that may be basic but critical to settling in Canada.

Most provinces have settlement agencies that can be found by conducting basic searches through a Web search engine like Google or through this list:

Provincial and Territorial Landscape

Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is divided into 10 provinces and three territories. are many large and small cities and towns located throughout Canada. Our geography and climate vary widely depending on the location in the country.

Occupational therapists are needed throughout Canada. Whether you have already made a decision about where in Canada you would like to live, or are just beginning your research, you can start by learning more about our provinces and territories.

For more information on Canada’s provinces and territories please visit the following websites:

Healthcare in Canada 

Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world. It is unique in many ways. Our health care system offers universal coverage for necessary health care services provided on the basis of need, rather than the ability to pay. Some occupational therapy services are paid for by this universal health care coverage and some occupational therapy services are paid for by extended health insurance plans, or “fee for service” by the client or family.

Health Canada is the federal department responsible for overseeing health care in Canada. Medical coverage in Canada is known as ‘medicare’. Services are delivered by each of the country’s provincial and territorial health care plans.


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