Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

CAOT-BC Membership

Continue your commitment to occupational therapy and renew your CAOT-BC membership today.


  • Have a voice! CAOT-BC's dedicated website that identifies continuing education listings and events, FAQs and CAOT-BC Awards and Grants.      
  • Stay informed! The CAOT-BC Blog allows members to stay up to date on the activites of the province with regular updates, member biographies and pertinent information on regional and community events.  
  • Stay connected with the CAOT-BC OTalk BC monthly newsletter.
  • Join the conversation about occupational therapy in British Columbia by following CAOT-BC on Twitter.
  • Get an egde! Dedicated CAOT-BC Managing Director and Service Coordinator will suport you in your practice in British Columbia.

Be Engaged

  • Share your knowledge! Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide opportunities for province-wide networking and resource sharing for occupational therapists through meetings, newsletters and information sharing. SIGs promote and facilitate continuing education through informal educational events or workshops and publications.
  • Recognize outstanding individuals and groups! CAOT-BC provides a dedicated awards program that is exclusive to members.
  • Collaborate! CAOT-BC works with the University of British Columbia's Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, and College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia in areas of mutual interest. Starting in 2014 CAOT-BC now offers a fieldwork placement for BC occupational therapy students. 

Be the Change

  • Champion occupational therapy! CAOT-BC supports all occupational therapists in British Columbia by offering unique benefits and services that serve the province.
  • Build public awareness! CAOT-BC engages in advocacy initiatives that include working with third party funders on a variety of issues such as fees, documentation, providing representation on government and other stakeholder task groups as well as responding to issues that impact the occupational therapy profession and the clients we serve. 
  • Make a difference! CAOT-BC Advisory Committee Members, SIG chairs and other volunteer occupational therapists provide provincial representation and leadership in professional issues to CAOT-BC                                   



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