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Skills for the Job of Living Tips

These Skills for the Job of Living Tips contain occupational therapy strategies that may help you, a loved one, or a friend to cope with the challenges of everyday living. The information contained here is reviewed by both occupational therapists and consumers who have expertise in a specific topic area.

If you are looking for occupational therapy information specific to a medical condition or disease process, please use our search feature.

Tips for keeping seniors driving and safe

Tips for sleep

Tips for children

Tips for handling stress

Safety and prevention

Related to specific conditions

Holiday tips

Specific to Alzheimer's disease and related dementias:

Please remember that the information which appears here is not meant to be a substitute for a thorough consultation with an occupational therapist. For information on how to contact an occupational therapist, please refer to "How to find an OT".

Suggestions for other topics and/or additions to existing topics are always welcome. Please drop your ideas in our suggestion box.


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