Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

CAOT Position Statements

CAOT develops position statements and maintains their currency and accuracy so that they can be used as communication tools for advocacy purposes to increase knowledge and raise awareness about occupational therapy amongst decision makers. Information in position statements, such as recommended actions, serve to support occupational therapists in the evolution of their practice.  

Assistive Technology and Occupational Therapy (2012) REVISED

Autism spectrum disorders and occupational therapy (2015)

Continuing Professional Education (2011) REVISED

Elder Abuse and Occupational Therapy (2012) 

Enabling Health and Literacy in Occupational Therapy (2013) REVISED

Entry-level Education of Occupational Therapists in Canada (2012) REVISED

Feeding, eating and swallowing and Occupational Therapy (2010)

Fieldwork Education and Occupational Therapy (2012) 

Health Human Resources in Occupational Therapy (2011)  REVISED

Healthy Occupations for Children and Youth (2009)

Joint Position Statement on Diversity (2014)  REVISED

Joint Position Statement on Evidence based Occupational Therapy (2009)

Obesity & Healthy Occupation (2015)

Occupational Therapy and Aboriginal Health (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and End-of-Life Care (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Home & Community Care (2016) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Care (2008)

Occupational Therapy and Older adults (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Client Safety (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Cultural Safety (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Disability Management Services (2011) REVISED

Occupational Therapy and Driver Rehabilitation (2009)

Occupational Therapy in Primary Care (2013) REVISED

Occupations and health (2008)

Occupational Therapy and Workplace Health (2015)

Pain Management and Occupational Therapy (2012) 

Professional identity, individual responsibility and public accountability through the use of title in Occupational Therapy (2013)

Quality Occupational Therapy Services (2010)

Research in Occupational Therapy (2009)

Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Cessation (Joint Statement) (2011) REVISED

Support Personnel in Occupational Therapy Services (2011) REVISED

Telehealth and e-occupational Therapy (2011) REVISED

Universal design and occupational therapy (2009)