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07-Feb-2017 Variety - the Children's Charity approved 36 occupational therapy sessions for Ryker, a child diagnosed with severe ADHD. Ryker's OT has helped him to regulate his behaviour, engage in writing at school, and has helped his mother Shannon understand his sensory needs. “Without him going to these OT sessions, despite all the work the school has done, I don’t think that he would be in school."

03-Feb-2017 With the help of occupational therapist Sarah Cachecho, Mykola Nyzhnykovskyi, a triple amputee, has learned "to dress himself, feed himself, brush his teeth, do whatever someone has to do in their daily life.”

22-Dec-2016  Hazel Meredith, Executive Director of BC Schizophrenia Society (Victoria branch) speaks to CBC about failed talks between federal and provincial health ministers.
She is "crushed" that negotiations to bolster support to those living with a treatable mental health condition. She discusses the very poor access to supports that help people with mental health issues -- citing occupational therapy and how it can lift some of the burden and pain of struggling with a mental health issue and provide hopeful outcomes for individuals. Her calls to action include 1) targeted funding to the community and 2) low barrier access to support, which are both aligned with CAOT-BC key messages to government.

19-Nov-2016 While addressing the opioid crisis, Canada’s chief public health officer named occupational therapy as an equally effective form of pain control.

30-Oct-2016 Occupational therapist Sheralyn Manning describes the intergenerational program at Youville Residence in Vancouver. The program pairs children from a local daycare with residents of the nearby long-term care facility with the goal of facilitating community engagement.

17-Oct-2016 In a recent edition of Doctor’s Notes, a weekly column in The Star, Susan Rappolt highlights the role of occupational therapy in transition from hospital to home.
13-Oct-2016 Occupational therapist Ann Wilson educates parents and teachers on how to support children's' development of executive functioning skills.

22-Sep-2016 CDC occupational therapist Sarah Tamosetis was quoted in response to a generous donation of equipment designed to provide sensory input for children.

16-Sept-2016 CBC describes how Cody Caldwell's occupational therapist inspired him to play on the Paralympic wheelchair rugby team.

14-Sept-2016 Burnaby Now profiles the Neil Squire Society's Technology@Work program, which helps make workplaces more comfortable for people with disabilities. 

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