Practice Networks

CAOT-BC Practice Networks (formerly Special Interest Groups) provide a forum for sharing expertise and experience in occupational therapy in British Columbia in particular areas of professional interest. The networks act as specialist resources to CAOT-BC and assist CAOT-BC to address the needs of members who work in these areas.

Practice Networks provide opportunities for province-wide networking, information exchange, and resource sharing for occupational therapists through meetings, newsletters and document sharing. They promote and facilitate continuing education through informal educational events or conferences and publications.

CAOT-BC Practice Networks are open to all CAOT-BC members at no charge, and non members for $15.00 per meeting. Other regulated professions may be invited from time to time to participate in specific Practice Network events. All meetings are run via webinar or teleconference, making them accessible to occupational therapists anywhere in BC. CAOT-BC currently supports fourteen Practice Networks and will support members to develop groups in any other areas of professional interest.

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Assistive Technology & Seating

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Community Occupational Therapy

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Internationally Educated 
Occupational Therapists

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Neurology (Inactive)

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Private Practice Business Network

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Bariatric Care

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Chronic Pain & Occupational Therapy

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Mental Health & 
Addiction Intervention

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CAOT-BC Practice Networks provide a forum for sharing expertise and experience in occupational therapy (OT) in British Columbia.

In addition, practice networks assist CAOT-BC to identify, monitor and address issues affecting occupational therapy practice across a variety of practice areas.


Frequency shall be decided by the practice network chair and members.

Location shall be determined by practice network chair and members.

Meeting access will be provided by CAOT-BC through the GoToMeeting ( ) or a teleconference platform in order to enable province-wide participation. The best platform for the meeting will be decided upon by the Service Coordinator and practice network chair.


The CAOT practice network chairs report to the CAOT-BC Service Coordinator. Copies of minutes of the meetings will be forwarded to the CAOT-BC Service Coordinator following each meeting. Copies of minutes will be retained by CAOT-BC as well as by the chair of the practice network. Meeting materials will be archived in the practice network section of the CAOT-BC website .


CAOT-BC practice network membership is open to all members of CAOT-BC. A chairperson, who is a member of CAOT-BC will be decided upon by practice network members.

Practice network meetings are also open to non-CAOT-BC members for a fee. Fees are as follows:

            $15 to attend per meeting


  1. To establish a province-wide network among members in the practice area.
  1. To identify key issues affecting occupational therapy in the practice area.
  1. To provide recommendations to CAOT-BC related to education and resource needs of occupational therapists in the practice area.
  1. Provide education (formal and informal) to the practice network, as deemed appropriate by the group.
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