Product Recognition Program

Helping the Public and Occupational Therapists Make Informed Choices

CAOT’s Product Recognition Program (PRP) benefits both members and consumers. CAOT members conduct a comprehensive professional review of submitted products, publish a consumer report and award a CAOT Seal of Recognition to applicant organizations that meet PRP’s rigorous criteria. The Seal can then be used in product advertising, to help occupational therapists and consumers make informed choices.  

Products recognized by CAOT 


Fitting your workspace for optimal health and well-being

Easy Adjust Dual Monitor Arm


3M Easy Adjust Dual Monitor Arm Brochure

Product Recognition Report


3M Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray



Adjustable Keyboard Tray Brochure

Product Recognition Report

Stannah Stairlifts

Considerations when choosing a stairlift

Siena Stairlift


Siena 260 Brochure

Product Recognition Report

Starla 260 Stairlift


Starla 260 Brochure

Product Recognition Report

Starla 600 Starlift


Starla 600 Starlift

Product Recognition Report

Sadler Stairlift


Sadler Stairlift Brochure

Product Recognition Report  




handy bar  

Stander Handybar Brochure

    Product Recognition Report


Capitalizing on lived experience to design a smartphone app for everyday life


Qcard Brochure

Product Recognition Report 



Drive Medical Inc. 

Airgo Fusion

Airgo Fusion

Fusion Brochure

Product Recognition Report

Airgo Excursion

Airgo excursion


Excursion Brochure

Product Recognition Report

Leika IHEAL mattress



IHEAL Brochure

Product Recognition Report coming soon


PromenAid handrails



PromenAid Brochure

Product Recognition Report coming soon






Freedom Wand Brochure

Product Recognition Report coming soon

Wearable Therapeutics

Snug Vest


Snug Vest Brochure

Product Recognition Report coming soon

Wearable Therapeutics Youtube Channel


For more information about the CAOT Product Recognition Program please contact  or call (800) 434-2268 ext. 242, for comments related to the evaluated products, please send your written comments at  and for all related media enquiries, please contact  or call (800) 434-2268 ext. 229.

Recognition of a product by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists through the Product
Recognition Program is not a guarantee of any product, nor is it an endorsement of the company. The Canadian
Association of Occupational Therapists assumes no responsibility for any product or corporation, nor for any
damages caused by any product or company. It is recommended that you consult an occupational therapist
about the appropriateness and the proper use of the product.

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