Cognitive Work Hardening and Work-Focused Treatment for Mental Health
26 juil. 2017 12:00 - 13:00 - -

Presentation on: Wednesday, July 26 at 9 :00-10 :00(PST)/10 :00-11 :00am(MST)/12 :00-1 :00(EST)
Registration starts: June 5, 2017
Registration ends: July 24, 2017

Expanding Role of OT: Cognitive Work Hardening and Work-Focused Treatment for Mental Health
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Presenter: Rabia Khokhar & Cody Matej

This presentation will discuss the theoretical underpinnings, including best evidence regarding work-focused approaches to treatment and provide an overview of the CWH program. The overview will describe the objectives of the program, assessment procedures, OPI identification and treatment planning techniques, treatment approaches, and the OT role in RTW facilitation. A case study will be used to illustrate the above. It will also discuss the unique contribution that transdiagnostic and functional/ work-focused treatments, such as CHW can make in healthcare in general, but specifically within treatment of conditions precluding client’s from participating in meaningful employment.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:
1. Define CWH and make links between physical work hardening techniques
2. Understand the unique intensive outpatient program CWH being offered at the Homewood Clinics.
3. Understand the value of CWH approaches as an adjunct to traditional forms of treatment for all Mental Health conditions.
4. Understand the value of work-focused approaches to overall health and wellness.

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