Working Life People Mental Illness - Web Link Archive

Working Life People Mental Illness - Web Link Archive
Enabling a Working Life for People with Serious Mental Illness: Current Approaches to Addressing Employment Marginalization - Webinar Archive
Presenter: Dr. Terry Krupa
Description: People with serious mental illness (SMI) have an interest in working, but they experience high levels of marginalization from the community based labour force. A variety of approaches to address the range of individual, occupational, workplace and societal factors that contribute to this marginalization have been developed. These interventions are directly focused on securing and sustaining employment or creating employment opportunities. A sound knowledge of these approaches is important for occupational therapists working in mental health whether or not they are directly involved in employment support services. This review will describe five distinct approaches, briefly summarize the evidence for these approaches, report predictors of outcomes where available and identify relevant gaps and other issues.

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