Full time or Part Time option available

With ongoing opportunities for consulting Occupational Therapists at CBI Health Group, we offer you unlimited opportunities for professional and financial growth in a challenging yet flexible, collaborative and supportive environment. Working with the CBI Health team gives you the opportunity to share and develop your expertise in a wide range of professional areas.

Opportunities are currently available in:

  •  Community Rehabilitation (including Brain Injury Rehab)
  •  Job Site Assessments and Return to Work Programs
  •  Ergonomic Services
  •  Functional Capacity Evaluations
  •  Medical Legal Services
  •  In-Clinic OR programs and pain programs


  •  Experience in Med Legal Services OR; Masters degree in Occupational Therapy, and work experience providing occupational therapy services
  •  2+ years OT experience
  •  Working knowledge of the clinical process
  •  Knowledge of local industry and the needs of employers
  •  Ability to build strong relationships with Employers, WCB Adjudicators, MD's, consultants, and other stakeholders
  •  Strong self-management skills as you will control how and when you work
  •  Ability to negotiate and deal with conflict or differing opinions and provide evidence based input
  •  Confidence and willingness to provide your opinion and be open to discussion and review

The Advantages of Consulting:

Flexibility and Self Direction: You’ll set your own hours, and work schedule, decide to work at home or in the clinic, and direct your practice toward areas of highest interest.

Support: Progressive Rehab provides an initial orientation period and ongoing mentorship to facilitate your transition to private practice. Administrative services are available to support your efficiency and allow you to focus on the clinical side of your practice. Work along side our experienced clinicians, including a number of Matheson instructors.

Professional Growth: A large team of occupational therapists brings diversity in expertise and interest areas. Therapists are committed to regular review of practice and continual learning to ensure best practice. Progressive Rehab supports this process through regular practice meetings and retreats. Additionally, clinicians can access other disciplines and services available at the other OrionHealth and CBI clinics.

Financial Opportunities: CBI Health Group offers highly competitive remuneration packages and you’re in control of how much you earn. New consultants are supported financially during their orientation period

About CBI Health Group:

CBI Health Group is Canada’s largest provider of integrated community healthcare. For over 40 years, we have remained totally committed to improving the health and enriching the lives of Canadians.
Email: dsurtees@cbi.ca

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