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Thursday, May 7 | jeudi le 7 mai

08:30-08:55    S58  Co-development of an innovative tool to support young children’s parents  (Poster)

08:30-08:55    T49 Family resilience-building programs among military and veteran families (Poster)

08:30-08:55    T97 The impact of depression among entrepreneurs: A scoping review (Poster)

08:30-08:55    F45 Models of peer-based interventions for individuals with neurological conditions (Poster)

10:00-10:25    T18  Alberta Rating Index for Apps (ARIA): A reliability study  (Paper)

10:00-10:25    T21 Contextual strategies to support social inclusion in childhood (Paper)

10:00-10:25    T22 Indigenous occupational and physical therapy student experiences (Paper)

10:00-10:55    T19 Occupational therapy within the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran populations: Practice and research (Ext. dis)

10:00-10:55    T24 Integrating occupational therapist assistants:  Understand the process (Ext. dis)

10:00-10:55    T23 Building capacity in occupational therapy in the area of homelessness (Ext. dis)

10:30-10:55    T30  Role of technology in chronic pain management of older adults  (Paper)

10:30-10:55    F58 Disclosure perspectives of youth with invisible conditions: a scoping review (Poster)

10:30-10:55    T32 Mental health and employment – who chooses work integration social enterprise? (Paper)

11:00-11:25     S5  The role of occupational therapy in primary care: A Scoping Review  (Paper)

11:00-11:25     T40 Public safety personnel workplace reintegration program: Analysis of facilitator training (Paper)

11:00-11:25     T44 Knowledge gaps in Indigenous health: Moving towards cultural humility (Paper)

11:00-11:25     T41 Co-designing an e-mental health app for first responders  (Paper)

11:00-11:25     S54 Effectiveness and impact of a supported work/study program for youth (Paper)

11:00-11:25     T43 Engaging youth with persistent pain to improve youth-oriented resources (Paper)

13:00-13:25     F41 Engagement in older adults during gameplay: an ethogram (Poster)

13:00-13:25     S 35  Training persons with disabilities to facilitate use of public transportation  (Paper)

13:00-14:55     T57 Serving  people with autism spectrum disorder   (Professional Issue Forum)

13:00-13:25     T58 CAOT-BC ( Chapter Update)

13:00-13:25     S13 Demystifying program evaluation: a case-study of a university work-wellness program (Poster)

13:30-13:55     T10  Vocational characteristics of youth with disabilities transitioning to adult care  (Poster)

13:30-13:55     T80 Evaluating psychoeducational apps for military members with acute concussions (Poster)

13:30-13:55     T58B CAOT-North (Chapter Update)

13:30-13:55     T66 Supervising students with disabilities in fieldwork: Disclosure, distrust and dedication (Paper)

13:30-13:55     F63 Evidence for pre-printing development and intervention: A Scoping Review (Poster)

14:00-14:25     S51  Environmental impacts on workplace participation of young people with disabilities  (Poster)

14:00-14:25     T75 Do no harm: Thinking clearly about our role in education (Paper)

14:00-14:25     T58C CAOT-QC (Chapter Update)

14:00-14:25     T74 Turning points and resiliency processes following TBI: Preliminary insights? (Paper)

14:30-14:55     T81 Research-based theatre: The experiences of disabled people in healthcare professions  (Paper)

14:30-14:55     T2 Technology use to assess social isolation among senior citizens (Paper)

14:30-14:55     S1 “Opened My Eyes”: Learning from interprofessional engagement with Indigenous communities (Paper)

14:30-14:55     T82 Lessons learned by clinical educators in a student-led clinic (Paper)

14:30-14:55     T83 Clinical reasoning for implementing evidence-based practices for self-awareness retraining   (Paper)

15:30-15:55     T90  Facilitators’ strategies for digital storytelling by persons with dementia  (Paper)

15:30-15:55     S25 Rehabilitation services for children and families living in rural areas (Poster)

15:30-15:55     T92 Exploring occupational transitions of Syrian refugee youth to Canada (Paper)

15:30-15:55     T61 Recovery and equine assisted learning programs in forensic mental health (Poster)

15:30-15:55     S64 Beyond the lab: Nature as resource for OT education (Paper) 


Friday, May 8 | vendredi le 8 mai

08:30-08:55     T26    
Worker acceptance and usability of a new cargo management system  (Poster)

08:30-08:55      F4    Identifying the psychosocial needs of tenants living in social housing (Paper)

08:30-08:55      F7     Historical analysis of occupational therapy in public health, 1914-2019 (Paper)

08:30-09:25              CAOT Practice Networks Supporting Your Practice  (Paper)

08:30-08:55     F3    Your building. Our future (Ext. dis)

08:30-09:25     F6     Développer les capacités des écoles pour soutenir l’inclusion des élèves présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme (Ext. dis) 

09:00-09:25     F13  Assistive technology and age-related vision loss: A critical discourse analysis  (Paper)

09:00-09:25     F15 Occupational therapists as social change agents: Factors influencing their ability (Paper) 

10:30-10:55             Occupational Justice for Newcomers Network   (OJNN)  (Networking)

10:30-10:55             Occupational Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation Network  (OTVRN) (Networking)

10:30-10:55              Global Health Practice Network (Networking)

10:30-10:55              Suicide Prevention Network (Networking)

10:30-10:55              Occupational Therapy & Sexuality Practice Network (Networking)

10:30-10:55     F57 Integrated-care pathways for Black persons with TBI: A critical transdisciplinary scoping review (Poster) 

11:00-11:25              OT and Indigenous Health  (Networking)

11:00-11:25              OT & Assistive Technology  (Networking)

11:00-11:25              Students & New Practitioners Practice Network (Networking)

11:00-11:25              OTA/PTA Network (Networking)

11:00-11:25       F54 Older immigrants’ narratives on social transitions: The occupation of “friending” (Poster) 

13:00-13:25     F76   Developing observational skills in occupational therapy   (Poster)

13:00-13:25     T78    From restricting wandering to promoting safe wandering in dementia (Poster)

13:00-13:55     F35    Psychotherapy and occupational therapy: Inspiring a national conversation (Ext. dis)

13:00-13:55     F37    WFOT Sponsored Session: WFOT’s resources for responding to disasters and other project highlights (Sponsored)

13:00-14:55     F34   Do-it-yourself assistive technology solutions  (Hands-on)

13:00-13:25     S22    Enabling: A modified concept analysis (Poster) 

13:30-13:55     F10  Effects of computerized games on older adults’ cognition: A review (Poster)

13:30-13:55     F43  Equipping future leaders: Integrating LEADS into the occupational therapy curriculum   (Paper)

13:30-13:55     T85  Perceptions of power-assist devices for manual wheelchairs (Poster) 

14:00-14:25     F66  Enhancing occupational opportunities to support immigrants and refugees’ social participation   (Poster)

14:00-14:55     F53  Taking action to promote Indigenous occupational therapy student achievement (Ext. dis)

14:00-14:25     F51  Examining mental health disparities among transgender and gender nonconforming youth (Paper)

14:00-14:25     T94  Dissemination of strategy adoption guidelines for dementia-related wandering (Poster)

14:00-14:25     S61  Exploring occupational engagement in individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease (Poster) 

14:30-14:55     F59  Independence at home for people with autism: Exploring environmental factors   (Paper)

14:30-14:55     F60  Community mental health funding and outcomes: A realist synthesis (Paper)

14:30-14:55     S47 Patient-oriented research: Engaging patients as co-investigators in system transformation (Poster)

14:30-14:55     F77 Occupational therapy interventions for individuals with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Poster) 

15:15-15:40     S36  Occupational therapy’s role in oncology care: A scoping review   (Poster)

15:15-15:40     S69  Therapeutic effects of exergames for people with cognitive impairment  (Poster)

15:15-15:40     S14  Work environment factors for mental health promotion and rehabilitation (Poster)

15:15-16:25     F71  CORECOM – One Competency Document for Occupational Therapists in Canada | CANCOM - Un document de compétences unique pour les ergothérapeutes au Canada   (Ext. dis) 

 Saturday, May 9 | samedi le 9 mai

09:00-09:25   T35   Impact of parent education workshops on parental sense of competence  (Poster)

09:00-09:25    S4   Impact of active rehabilitation on mood in youth with concussion (Paper)

09:00-09:25    S7  The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure in India: A critical exploration (Paper)

09:30-09:55     T7   Joint attention in a child With Autism Spectrum Disorder   (Poster)

09:30-09:55     S16 Occupational therapists’ reasoning when implementing interventions targeting generalization of skills (Paper)

09:30-09:55     S20 Occupational justice in direct-funded attendant services: strengths and challenges (Paper)

10:00-10:25     S27 Do measures for children and youth with autism assess occupation?   (Paper)

10:00-10:25     S30 Improving mental health care for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities (Paper)

10:00-10:25     F80 Evaluating infant sleep challenges from a developmental and physiological perspective (Poster)

10:00-11:25     S28  Questioning white supremacy in occupational therapy practice and education  (Hands-on)

10:30-10:55     S41  Relaxed, recharged and ready: A co-designed tool for arousal regulation   (Paper)

10:30-10:55     S43   Development of an outcome measure of function for young people (Paper)

10:30-10:55     S45   Promoting physical activity in the community to manage cognitive impairment (Paper)

11:00-11:25     S53  Financial incentives for employers to hire people with disabilities (Paper)

11:00-11:25     S55   Occupational therapy vision screening for concussion: A pilot study (Paper)

11:00-11:25     F20   Le contexte agricole communautaire : une ressource potentielle pour l’ergothérapie  (Poster)

11:30-11:55     T63   Les chutes à domicile: l'incontinence urinaire a-t-elle un impact?   (Poster)

11:30-11:55     S63  The National Inquiry into MMIWG Calls for Justice: Imperatives for occupational therapy  (Paper)

11:30-11:55     T77  Reducing post-secondary student stress in an occupational calm room (Poster)

13:00-14:30            Indigenous health in the time o f COVID: Implications for occupational therapy  (Forum)

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