How do I find an OT?

How do I find an occupational therapist?

When you need to FIND an OT, CAOT provides a convenient directory of occupational therapists that helps you connect with the occupational therapy services that are right for you.  You can search by province or by area of practice.

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  • Occupational therapy services may be assigned to you as part of a hospital stay or a rehabilitation treatment plan.
  • Services may be accessed in your home or as an outpatient. Contact your local hospital or community health care centre for information.
  • Ask your family doctor or other health care professional (e.g. physiotherapist, nurse, chiropractor) for a referral to occupational therapy.
  • The services of an occupational therapist may be covered under your extended health insurance at work – ie Blue Cross, The Cooperators, SunLife.  Call them and find out.
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