Advocating for occupational therapy in workplace health benefits!

Take the Pledge to #AskforOT!

Together we can encourage more conversation about ensuring that occupational therapy is covered as part of workplace health benefits.

Find out if occupational therapy services are covered as part of your own workplace health benefits and take action to #AskforOT!

These services play an important role in reducing the economic burden of an aging population, as well as the costs of workplace illness, injury, and mental health.

Pledge to ‘Ask for OT’ as a flexible health insurance coverage option in your workplace health benefits; from your employer, your insurance provider and/or your union.  Here are the materials to help you take action:

  • Write a letter using the following Letter Templates that you can copy and paste, save and email or save and print.  Use your own letterhead if that will add impact. 

  • If phoning or meeting, use the following Scripts; noting these are talking points to be customized for your interaction.

  • Share your pledge photos, experience and outcomes on social media. Tag @CAOT_ACE on Twitter and @CAOTACE on Instagram and use #AskforOT . You can also post to the Facebook page. 


    Let's make sure we have coverage for our own professional services!


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