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Post Election Toolkit  Engage your Member of Parliament with our Post-Election Toolkit

On January 27th, the House of Commons will resume the 43rd Parliamentary session with the Liberal minority government Canadians elected in October. To help you raise awareness of occupational therapy with the newly or re-elected officials and promote increased access to occupational therapy as part of the solution to important health and social issues, we have developed a Post-Election Toolkit.

Download the Toolkit

This resource includes template letters that you can customize and send to your Member of Parliament. Particularly in a minority government situation, every elected member of parliament has an important voice in influencing legislation, policies, and programs and services; you are encouraged to take action for clients and for the occupational therapy profession by communicating with your MP about the important work you do in a range of practice arenas. Help us cultivate relationships with elected officials to communicate the value of occupational therapy in improving health and wellness outcomes in our community!

CAOT’s 2019 Federal Election Playbook: advocating for OT solutions to ballot box issues

Get yourself election-ready!  Signs are up, all-candidates meetings are being booked and door knocking has begun.

Use the playbook messages and be prepared to engage!

Get the CAOT Election Playbook 2019

Advocating for client needs is part of the quality care that OTs provide.  But how can OTs take those skills and advocate for the profession in a broader social context?

Our election playbook will help you share the facts about occupational therapy as a solution to ballot box issues. Issues such as keeping seniors in their homes and communities where they prefer to be, or how OTs working in communities can provide mental health services.

These issues include:

  • Mental health and well-being
  • Aging in place
  • Pain management beyond opioids; and
  • Quality end-of life care

Find out how to become a successful advocate. Listen and learn with our playbook webinar!

CAOT has also included an Election Playbook developed as part of the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century (CCPH21) which outlines issues relating to broader social determinants of health, and solutions to meeting these challenges at a population level.

  CCPH21 Election Playbook

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