Student Award

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists will provide an Award to the graduating student in each Canadian university occupational therapy education program who demonstrates consistent and exemplary knowledge of occupational therapy theory. Nominees’ knowledge is demonstrated by obtaining the highest academic standing in their coursework. The courses that contribute to this award will be at the discretion each program.



Arianna Coles - University of British Columbia 
Alexandra Boran - University of Alberta 
Andreea Alexandrescu - University of Manitoba 
Martina Sykula - University of Toronto 
Rebecca Ferguson - Western University 
Misha Huxtable - McMaster University 
Haley Gallant - Queen's University 
Michella Dolla - Ottawa University 
Justine Larose - Université de Montréal 
Ashton Banfield - McGill University 
Jeanne-Adèle Maltaise - Université Laval 
Mélanie Vallières - Université Sherbrooke 
Sandrine Gagné-Trudel - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Erin Robertson - Dalhousie University


Catherine Lloyd - University of British Columbia 
Karly Greczmiel - University of Alberta 
Naomi Hatherly - University of Manitoba 
Rosalind Pfaff - University of Toronto 
Devon Boschel - Western University 
Katelyn Boehm & Mackenzie Kay - McMaster University 
Monika Mistry - Queen’s University. 
Sophie Brassard - University of Ottawa 
Miranda Giambra - McGill University 
Cassandra Préfontaine - Université de Montréal 
Stéphanie Richer - Université Laval 
Emmanuelle Dubé-Bergeron - Université Sherbrooke 
Megan Fores - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Aureliane Beaulieu-Larouche - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Daniel MacLeod - Dalhousie University


Paige Lund - University of British Columbia  
Erin Bethune - University of Alberta  
Pamela Singh - University of Manitoba  
Danielle Brown - University of Toronto  
Joni Soans - University of Western Ontario  
Christine Newbigging - McMaster University  
Amanda Dufour - Queen’s University  
Laurie-Anne Laberge-Desjardins et Julie Massé - University of Ottawa  
Valérie Locas - University of Montreal  
Myriam Massicotte - McGill University  
Jordane Trépanier - l’Université de Sherbrooke  
Geneviève Tremblay - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Laurie Filion - Université Laval  
Kaitlin Sibbald - Dalhouise University


Liv Brekke - University of British Columbia  
Melanie Zapf - University of Alberta  
Sarah Hibbert - University of Manitoba  
Neva Hui - University of Toronto  
Allison Rudland - University of Western Ontario  
Sarah Hobbs - McMaster University  
Katelyn Bridge - Queen’s University  
Sandra Houle - University of Ottawa  
Marie-Pier Lévesque - University of Montreal  
Tanya Santagata - McGill University  
Stephane Morin - l’Université de Sherbrooke  
Sarah-Anne Gagnon-Anctil - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Catherine Champagne - Université Laval  
Kaitlin Sibbald - Dalhouise University 


Marisa Short - University of British Columbia  
Erin Harris - University of Alberta  
Julie Braga - University of Manitoba  
Ishanee Jahagirdar - University of Toronto  
Linday Nelligan - Western University   
Hailey Albright - McMaster University  
Nicole Krasko - Queen’s University  
Jaelle Brien and Emilie Lebel - University of Ottawa  
Catherine Dugas - University of Montreal  
Stephannie Marie Secondi - McGill University  
Sohpie Arsenault - l’Université de Sherbrooke  
Vaneessa Laframboise - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Samuelle Pomerleau-Turcotte - Université Laval  
Julie Bruckschwaiger - Dalhouise University


Lucinda Maclulich - University of British Columbia 
Laura LaBerge - University of Alberta 
Juan Monterrosa - University of Manitoba 
Alyssa Komar - University of Toronto 
Angela Goertz - University of Western Ontario 
Nicola Hodson - McMaster University 
Peter Mastorakos - Queen’s University 
Nadia Hudon - University of Ottawa 
Victoria M. Blais - McGill University 
Amélie Bernier - Université Laval 
Anne Sullivan - Université de Montréal 
Rachel Boily - Université Sherbrooke 
Karianne Thibodeau & Dominique Leclerc - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
Linnaea Chapman - Dalhousie University


Aaryn Cleland - University of British Columbia 
Kelsey Hagg - University of Alberta 
Laura Bennett - University of Manitoba 
Michelle DiLauro - University of Toronto 
Rachel Rowse - University of Western Ontario 
Carla Giddings - McMaster University 
Jacqueline Axford - Queen’s University 
Christina Lamontagne - University of Ottawa 
Odrée Martin-Maillhot - McGill University 
Stephanie Duperron - Université Laval 
Caroline Patenaude - Université de Montréal 
Patricia Archambault - Université Sherbrooke 
Joannie Hamel-Richard - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 
April Rand - Dalhousie University


Ashley MacMullin, Dalhousie University 
Catherine Gendreau, University of Ottawa 
Lara Ewanchuk, University of Manitoba 
Rebecca Hills, University of Western Ontario 
Cody Wenz, Queen’s University 
Jennifer Siemon, McMaster University 
Stephanie Gerhardt, University of Toronto 
Rachal Pattison, University of Alberta 
Laurence Leblanc-Massicotte, Université Laval 
Gentiane Cornellier, Université de Sherbrooke 
Amélie Dumont, Université de Montreal 
Pamela Scher, McGill University 
Krista Douglas, University of British Columbia


Breanne Beecher, University of Alberta 
Isabelle Daneau, University of Ottawa 
Gillian Ronson, University of Manitoba 
Perrin Dunn, University of Western Ontario 
Maxime Glandon, Sherbrooke University 
Mireille Desrosiers, University of Laval 
Tara Embrey, McMaster University 
Laura Sullivan, Queen's University 
Meghan Sarah Rivers and Christine Sparling, McGill University 
Christine Fung, University of Toronto 
Genevieve Rochon, University of Montreal 
Breanne Copeland, Dalhousie University


Laura Cameron, University of Alberta 
Karyne Dion, McGill University 
Nicole Fischer, University of Western Ontario 
Véronique Fortin, Sherbrooke University 
Caroline Marquis, University of Laval 
Melissa McPherson, University of Manitoba 
Arielle Meynen, Dalhousie University 
Sarah Moffat, McMaster University 
Alison Nicholls, Queen's University 
Mariane Robert, University of Ottawa 
Shihara Seneviratne, McGill University 
Andrea Shin, University of Toronto


Marie-Eve Martin, University of Ottawa 
Audrey Clavet, University of Ottawa 
Catherine Lanoix, University of Ottawa 
Cindy Lajeunesse, University of Ottawa 
Lyndsay Lovely, Dalhousie University 
Stephanie Christensen, University of Alberta 
Naomi Goffman, University of British Columbia 
Julie Lavoie, Laval University 
Dahlia Geft-Levinson, University of Toronto 
Miranda Roovers, University of Western Ontario 
Marie-Pier Martin, University of Montreal 
Lindi Cassel, McMaster University 
Sheri Lyn Dastous, Queen's University


Kimberley Bourque, Dalhousie University 
Catherine Brandon, Queen's University 
Jessica Déry, University of Laval 
Claude Des Roches, University of Ottawa 
Naomi Goffman, University of British Columbia 
Joanna Hulzenga, University of Alberta 
Leanne Layzell, University of Toronto 
Jessica Malpage, University of Western Ontario 
Tracy McGillis, McMaster University 
Anita Petzold, McGill University 
Charlène Rochefort-Allie, University of Montreal 
Kara Waller, University of Manitoba


Cathy Alexander, Dalhousie University 
Alison Barnfather, University of Alberta 
Joanna Chung, University of British Columbia 
Jessica Déry, University of Laval 
Lisa Engel, University of Toronto 
Emily Ewert, University of Western Ontario 
Caroline Gaudet, University of Ottawa 
Valérie Gauthier, University of Montreal 
Anita Petzold, McGill University 
Alissa Miki, University of Manitoba 
Maria Mullaly, McMaster University 
Rebecca A. Newar, Queen's University


Narges Adab, University of British Columbia 
Ruth Bakewell, University of Toronto 
Isabel Diana Bedard, University of Ottawa 
Christine Clement, University of Manitoba 
Becky Desjardins, University of Western Ontario 
Vanessa Hawes, University of Toronto 
Marie-Christine Jobin-Chayer, University of Montreal 
Nicole Moran, University of Alberta 
Kerry Oulton, Queen's University (MSc OT program) 
Sebastien Pollet, McGill University 
Justine Poulin, University of Laval 
Catherine Schmidt, Dalhousie University 
Astrid Scholte, McMaster University 
Heather Wright, Queen's University (BSc OT program)


Sonya Christophersen, McGill University 
Stephanie Chung, University of British Columbia 
Johanne Howell, University of Toronto 
Vincenzina L'Aurora, Queen's University 
Darryl Lacombe, University of Alberta 
Audrey Laliberté, University of Ottawa 
Sabrina Larose-Babin, University of Laval 
Emily Levitt, McMaster University 
Sarah MacKenzie, Dalhousie University 
Kendra MacKinnon, University of Manitoba 
Shanon Phelan, University of Western Ontario 
Valérie Thibault, University of Montreal


Sylvia Arruda, Queen's University 
Marie Beaumont, University of Ottawa 
Marie-Hélène Biron , McGill University 
Julie Charbonneau, University of Montreal 
Heidi Haldemann, Dalhousie University 
Debra Johnston, University of Western Ontario 
Alison Leduc, McMaster University 
Jana Phung, University of Alberta 
Valérie Poulin, University of Laval 
Heidi Reznick, University of Toronto 
Tracie Jo Sparks, University of British Columbia 
Katrina Wernikowski, University of Manitoba
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