Practice resources

Role Papers
Describe the unique role and area of competency of occupational therapists within the Canadian health care system, in serving specific populations, or in enabling occupations through a specific area of expertise

Suicide Prevention in Occupational Therapy

Position Statements
Communicate our official position on relevant political, ethical, professional and social issues that impact on the health of Canadians or occupational therapy

Occupational therapy and Aging in Place (2019)
Occupational therapy and Indigenous peoples (2018- revised)
Occupational Therapy and End-of-Life Care (2017 – revised)
Occupational Therapy and Home & Community Care (2016 – revised)
Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Care (2017 - revised)
Autism spectrum disorders and occupational therapy (2015)
Occupational Therapy and Older adults (2011 – revised)
Professional responsibility in fieldwork education in occupational therapy CAOT & ACOTUP (2012)
Joint Position Statement on Diversity  CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, COTF, PAC (2014 – revised)
Joint Position Statement on Evidence‐based Occupational Therapy  CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, PAC (2009 - reviewed)
Professional identity, individual responsibility and public accountability through the use of title in occupational therapy CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, COTF, PAC (2013 - revised) 
Joint Position Statement on Inclusive Occupational Therapy Education for Persons with Disabilities CAOT & ACOTUP (2018)
The Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Cessation CAOT, CCPA, CDHA, CMA, CNA, CPA (2011 - revised)

Guidance Documents
Describe common areas of assessment, interventions and processes (i.e. reporting standards) utilized to provide occupational therapy services for the Military and Veteran population

Working for the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada: A Guidance Document for Occupational Therapists

Outline a vision and actions for promoting safe practices and helping people maintain their engagement in the occupations which give meaning and purpose to their lives

The National Blueprint for Injury Prevention in Older Drivers
The National Blueprint for Injury Prevention in Drivers with Arthritis

Profile of Practice Occupational Therapy Practice in Canada
Provide a vision for practice and a model for excellence for occupational therapy in Canada

Profile of OT Practice
Profile of Occupational Therapist Assitants

Fact Sheets
Offer a general overview of occupational therapy practice of a specific population or area of expertise, highlights the importance of addressing the specific population and area of expertise

Aboriginal health
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
Autism spectrum disorder
Cancer survivorship
Cerebral Palsy
Criminal justice
Emergency department
End-of-life care
Fall prevention
Home modifications  
Mental health
Older adults
Older driver safety
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Primary health care
Social inclusion
Spinal cord injuries
Substance use
Suicide prevention
Universal design
Workplace health and well-being
Workplace mental health


Product Recognition Program
Indicates quality, to help consumers and health professionals make decisions on
products to refer or purchase.

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Career listing - supports your career growth.  

Research listing
provides an opportunity to contribute to current research


Social Media Guide
Foster the growth of an online community of occupational therapists who share information, resources, and news related to OT, advocate for the profession, and help grow the profession.

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CAOT Lexicon
Lists over 300 occupational therapy terms in both English and French, to provide the profession with a common language framework for communications. 


Advocacy resources
Support for engaging with your elected officials to advocate for access to occupational therapy in our health care system.

2020 Post-Election Toolkit
2019 Federal Election Playbook


OT Now
Delivers information to meet the challenges of your day-to-day practice.

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Risk Proof Magazine
Provides details on how to minimize your risk of liability in your practice.

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WFOT Bulletin
Keeps you up to date with global occupational therapy news

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Journals -
support evidence-based practice

Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy (CJOT)
American Journal of Occupational Therapy
Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
British Journal of Occupational Therapy
New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy
Open Journal of Occupational Therapy
Revue Francophone de Recherche en Ergothérapie
South African Journal of Occupational Therapy
erg-go: La revue des ergothérapeutes du Québec


OT Weekly
- delivers weekly updates from CAOT and Canada


Assessment tools, workbooks, textbooks and other materials provide you with affordable access to in-depth information on a given topic that you can access 24/7

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News & Resource Webinars
Present information on projects, updates, resources and initiatives relevant to Canadian occupational therapists.

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Mentorship on Demand -
allows you access to a mentor when you need it

Professional Issue Forum (PIF) reports
accounts of discussions on issues of relevance to the occupational therapy profession and Canadian health care at CAOT Conferences

2019 Aging in Place
2019 Addressing Addiction
2018 Occupational Therapy Paths to TRC with Indigenous Peoples
2018 MAiD and Suicide Prevention
2017 Supporting the Contribution of Occupational Therapist Assistants
2017 Recovery in Mental Health & Slides
2016 Rural and Remote Occupational Therapy
2016 Poverty and Homelessness
2015 Diversifying the Occupational Therapy Profession 
2015 Active Transport and the Role of Occupation Therapy
2014 Suicide Prevention and the Role of Occupational Therapy
2014 Interprofessional Education & Collaboration
2013 Navigating 3rd Party Funders
2013 Criminal Justice System
2012 Rising Tide of Dementia in Can
2012 Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
2011 Pain Management and Occupational Therapy
2011 Cancer Survivorship and Occupational Therapy
2010 Knowledge Translation Strategies
2010 Advanced Practice
2009 Workforce Retention in Occupational Therapy
2009 Advanced Practice
2008 Obesity & Health Occupation
2008 First Nations & Inuit Health
2007 Access to Occupational Therapy
2006 Research Without Borders
2006 Dysphagia
2005 Clinical Practice Guidelines
2004 Occupation and Mental Health Care
2004 Occupation and End of Life Care
2003 Workplace Health
2003 Disability Management
2002 Universal Design & Growing Through Occupation
2002 Growing through Occupation & Active Living


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