NOTCE Study Guide and Practice Exam

The NOTCE Study Guide contains 165 practice questions with answers and rationales and is reflective of the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam (NOTCE). This paperless, web-based resource introduces you to the format of the NOTCE and the type of questions that you may encounter when writing the NOTCE.

In addition, when you purchase the NOTCE Study guide, you receive a one-time access to the NOTCE Practice Exam. The practice exam is a paperless, web-based resource and is intended to be used as a measure of readiness for the NOTCE. It’s an on-line exam consisting of 200 questions, with a 4 hour time limit (two sessions of two hours each). Once you complete each session of 100 questions, you are provided with a summary of your score. For information about the NOTCE Blueprint, please view the NOTCE Resource Manual.  Answers to the NOTCE Practice Exam are not provided.

Important: The NOTCE Practice Exam and is not the actual NOTCE exam.  Test score estimates from this practice exam are for your guidance and preparation only and cannot account for exam day factors such as anxiety and distractions.  The NOTCE Practice Exam was developed using the same methods as the NOTCE. The NOTCE Practice Exam includes practice scenarios and questions that were written to reflect the NOTCE in content, question types, writing style, use of language, and is intended to provide familiarization with the format of the NOTCE. The NOTCE Practice Exams’ online layout differs from the NOTCE because the case is always displayed above the question and there are five questions per case rather than 3-6 questions per case on the NOTCE.

The NOTCE Study Guide and Practice Exam combined gives you access to a total of 365 questions. This resource would be ideal for any exam candidates, International and Canadian graduates.

The NOTCE Study Guide and Practice Exam is available for purchase ($169.00+tax) through our on-line store, please click here.

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