Workshop FAQs

We have answered your most frequently asked questions regarding registration, cost, cancellation policy, receipts, workshop format, advertising, and how to let us know if you wish to attend the workshop in a different location


How do I register for a Workshop?

  • Workshops currently open for registration are found in the listing of Events.
  • Once you select your Workshop you will be prompted to “Login and Register” or “Create an Account and Register.”
  • Payment can be made by using Visa or MasterCard.
  • Your registration has been successfully completed when you receive a confirmation by email. You will also find a record of your registration in My Event Registrations/Certificates when you log into My Account.
  • If you encounter problems with online registration, contact 1-800-434-2268 x222 or email us at

Can a non-member register for a Workshop?

Yes! Non-members can register for a Workshop. However, CAOT members and associates save 33% on workshop registration fees therefore, in many cases, it would be more cost effective to become a CAOT member or associate rather than pay the non-member rate.  Join now. 

If you are a/an… You are eligible to become a…

Registered occupational therapist in Canada

CAOT Member (first-year members and new graduates receive a 50% discount on membership fees)

Occupational therapist assistant from an accredited OTA/PTA program CAOT Occupational Therapist Assistant Associate
Student of an entry-level occupational therapy program or OTA/PTA program in Canada CAOT Student Associate
Occupational therapist living outside of Canada who passed the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination CAOT Member Practicing Outside Canada
Occupational therapist living outside of Canada who has not passed the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination CAOT Individual Associate
Health professional or professional from a different discipline CAOT Individual Associate

Are group discounts available?

For the 2017-2018 Workshops, CAOT has reduced the registration fee for all registrants instead of offering a group rate.

Can I register after the registration deadline?

When available, CAOT offers late registration for workshops at the regular rate plus a $50 administration fee.  We will only be able to accommodate if there is sufficient space. Late registrations can be completed through the listing of Events [ link ] or by contacting We do not allow on-site registrations.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

All cancellation/refund requests must be sent in writing to Cancellation requests received prior to the registration deadline will be given a 50% refund. CAOT will not provide a refund after the registration deadline. Registrants who are unable to attend the workshop due to circumstances beyond their control may apply for a refund. The amount of any such refund will be at the discretion of CAOT.

CAOT reserves the right to modify the offering, interrupt Workshops, change the timing of a Workshop, cancel a Workshop or change the location of a Workshop because of insufficient registration, severe weather, power failure, building closures or other special circumstances that are beyond the control of CAOT. If the Workshop is cancelled by CAOT, registrants will receive a full refund of the registration fee. CAOT will not be responsible for other costs or expenses incurred by registrants as a result of any such changes.


What is included in the Workshop registration fee?

New for the 2017-2018, a list of what is included in the registration fee is available on each Workshop webpage under the registration fees for increased clarity and transparency. 

Why are lunch and refreshments not included?

In order to reduce the cost of Workshops for participants and to allow each person to select food that meets your dietary restrictions/preferences/needs, lunches and snacks are typically not included.  A catered lunch adds a cost of $25-60 per day to the Workshop registration fee. Snacks can cost an additional $10-40 per day. Coffee, tea and water are provided during mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. CAOT tries to select Workshop venues that are conveniently located near restaurants/food courts to allow participants to purchase their own lunches, snacks and beverages. 

Why are electronic workshop materials provided instead of a hard copy?

In an effort to be “green”, CAOT typically provides electronic workshop materials instead of hard copy handouts for participants. Workshop participants can choose to print the materials themselves, or use an electronic copy during the workshop (on a laptop or tablet). This option also allows the convenience of consulting the electronic materials following the workshop. Electronic materials aid in CAOT’s effort to provide cost-effective professional development opportunities.

General information

I want to attend this Workshop but can’t attend in that date/city.

If you are interested in a Workshop but cannot attend in that city or on those dates, you may put your name and contact information on our “other locations” survey, located at the bottom of every workshop description. We review the survey results regularly to plan future Workshops.

I can’t attend the Workshop but I am interested in learning more. Is the Workshop recorded and/or can I attend by webinar?

Due to the interactive and hands-on nature of the Workshop activities, it is not currently possible to offer it via webinar/videoconference or to provide a recording of the Workshop.

Language of Workshop

Workshops are offered in the language in which they are advertised. If you are interested in attending the same or a similar Workshop in a different language, please let us know.

Is this Workshop relevant for me?

To know if this Workshop is relevant for you, first read the “Target audience” and the “Workshop level” sections of the Workshop listing. This is information provided by the presenter(s). The Workshop title and description can also provide some cues for the applicability of the Workshop. If you have additional questions on whether a Workshop may be relevant for you after reading through the listing, please contact

What is the Workshop level?

Based on feedback from CAOT members, we have started including the Workshop level for Workshops in 2017-2018. Presenters indicate if the Workshop is best for Beginners (0-2 years of experience in the specific area of practice/topic), Intermediate (3-5 years of experience in the specific area of practice/topic) or Advanced (More than 5 years of experience in the specific area of practice/topic).

If you have more or less experience than the indicated Workshop level, you may still attend the Workshop but we suggest that you be mindful that the content of the Workshop will be targeted at those with the indicated number of years of experience in the area.

Why am I not receiving CAOT emails?

There may be a few reasons why you are not receiving CAOT emails. Please ensure that your contact information is updated in our database. Please update your account information:

  1. by logging into My Account and editing My Profile with an updated email address; or

  2. by contacting CAOT by telephone (1-800-434-2268 ext. 222); or

  3. by emailing

Certain email domains, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. have a blocked address feature. CAOT emails may be blocked by your email provider. To whitelist CAOT email addresses and ensure you receive correspondences to your inbox, follow the steps outlined for whitelisting email addresses from ‘’. It may also be possible that CAOT emails are automatically filtered by your email provider and sent to your trash folder or to your spam/junk folder prior to being deleted. Please verify the email settings of your account to ensure you receive all correspondences from CAOT.

How can I get a receipt?

To obtain a receipt, please log into My Account and look in My Purchases. You can then print the receipt for any of your previous orders. Should you have any additional questions or if you are experiencing issues obtaining your receipt, please contact us at or 1-800-434-2268 ext. 222. 

How can I receive a certificate?

CAOT will provide all registrants who attended the Workshop an electronic certificate of attendance by email within 2 weeks of its conclusion. You will also find a copy in My Event Registrations/Certificates when you log onto My Account. You may provide this certificate to your employer/regulator as proof that you completed the Workshop. You must attend the entire Workshop to receive full credit of all professional development hours. Depending on the Workshop, partial attendance may be credited.

How do I update my surname for my certificate?

In order to update your surname in our records, please send us a copy of one piece of government-issued identification or the name-change/marriage certificate by post, email to or fax to 613-523-2552. Please also include your CAOT member ID number and your previous surname so that we may locate your file in our records.

Advertising & sponsorship opportunities

How can I advertise my training to CAOT members?

The opportunities to advertise a workshop, course, certification or webinar through CAOT can be found on the Sponsorship & Advertising page. If you would like further information about advertising opportunities with CAOT or if you have additional questions, please contact our Business Development Team at  

How can I apply for approved/endorsed CEU for my workshop?

CAOT no longer approves, endorses or assigns CEU (continuing education units). If you are interested in advertising a training through CAOT, the available opportunities can be found on the Sponsorship & Advertising page. If you would like further information about advertising opportunities with CAOT or if you have additional questions, please contact our Business Development Team at  

How can I share information about my products and services at a Workshop?

If you are interested in sponsoring a Workshop to share knowledge about your products and services with occupational therapists across Canada, the available opportunities can be found on the Sponsorship & Advertising page.

Opportunities to Get Involved

How can I present a Workshop with CAOT?

Workshops are unique Canadian evidence-informed hands-on learning opportunities reflecting the CAOT membership profile of practice as a way to serve our members. Typically, the Workshops are either one or two days in duration and are presented by one or two presenters. If you are interested in presenting a Workshop with CAOT, please complete the proposal form and send it to

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