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Workshops are one- to three-day live in-person events that provide you with in-depth, evidence-informed, occupation-based and hands-on learning opportunities so you can apply the skills and knowledge to your practice. They include various learning and interactive activities including presentations, demonstrations, group discussions, hands-on activities and the opportunity to ask questions. 

CAOT is pleased to partner with le programme de développement professionnel continu du programme d’ergothérapie de l’Université de Montréal to expand our workshop offerings in Quebec and in French.  CAOT Members and Associates receive preferred rates!

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Potential Workshops

Potential workshops have no scheduled dates at this time, but could be scheduled if there is sufficient demand. Review the list of potential workshops and if you are interested in one of these workshops, put your name and preferred contact information in the survey and share the link with colleagues who may also be interested in participating. We monitor the results of these surveys regularly to plan future workshops.

Current Workshops

More Than 4 Wheels: Complex seating and mobility assessment and prescription for all ages
Presented by Sheila Buck

This two-day hands-on workshop will provide you with the skills and clinical reasoning to conduct a seating and wheeled mobility assessment with clients of any age. Enhance your ability to complete a MAT assessment and focus on customized seating and shape contour.


Dementia care: A comprehensive approach to support aging in place
Presented by Megan Bailes and Kevin Grunden 

This two-day advanced workshop is designed to give you the evidence-based and hands-on skills needed to provide holistic care for this population, enhance dementia care programs at their setting, and provide effective caregiver and staff training programs.


Kitchen and bathroom modifications
Presented by Elizabeth Ainsworth

This two-day interactive workshop will equip you with the knowledge you need to designing kitchen and bathrooms for domestic homes. Knowledge on broad principles, current literature, research and standards will be reviewed.

Sensory processing and sensory-based interventions for children
Presented by Moira Pena
How to create and sustain an arts-based program in your occupational therapy practice
Presented by Isabel Fryszberg

This two-day workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to start using and to tailor an arts-based program with clients in your occupational therapy practice. The stages of building an arts-based program will be explored, from finding your champions, engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, grant writing, budgeting, creating the studio environment, and incorporating research.
Chronic pain assessment and management: Best practice for occupational therapists
Presented by Linda Cundiff, Clare Lakes and Susan Schellinck

This two-day interactive workshop provides you with the skills to assess chronic pain, to teach pain neuroscience to clients, to use this education to frame intervention strategies and to highlight the unique role of occupational therapists.
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: Making a difference for people with dementia
Presented by Gina Zoratti and Michelle Bickell

This one-day practical workshop equips you with the knowledge and skills to start using CST in your practice.
Fundamentals of anxiety interventions: Assertiveness training, relaxation skills training and exposure therapy
Presented by Randy Paterson

This three-day interactive workshop equips you with the fundaments to increase their competence and confidence in using three evidence-informed interventions for clients with anxiety: assertiveness training, relaxation skills training and exposure therapy. The three components are designed to be independent so that you can attend one, two, or all three elements, as you wish.
Coaching for return to work – Tools for occupational therapists to empower clients
Presented by Hélène Thériault

This one-day introductory workshop equips you with the knowledge and hands-on skills to utilize a coach-approach with your clients to empower them to improve their occupational performance and to return to work. You will explore the fundamentals of non-directive coaching, access an International Coach Federation (ICF) core competency coaching framework, and practice coaching skills to apply immediately in your occupational therapy practice. You will receive handouts that include strategic tools to be effective with clients.
Hoarding: Assessment and intervention for occupational therapists
Presented by Becky Marval

Hoarding behaviours can cause distress, impairment of function and serious adverse outcomes such as unsafe living conditions and homelessness. This one-day workshop is designed to equip occupational therapists with the understanding of when and how to address hoarding behaviours that contribute to occupational performance issues. You will be provided with a workbook that summarizes learnings and includes assessment tools.
Pediatric feeding and swallowing: Managing complex issues
Presented by Sherna Marcus

This one-day workshop will focus on advancing the knowledge base and skill level of therapists working with infants and children with complex feeding and swallowing issues. The assessment and clinical presentation of different issues including motor, respiratory, sensory, gastrointestinal and swallowing will be explored and demonstrated through video. Practical intervention strategies for different issues will be discussed and demonstrated with video. Finally, complex cases will be presented to allow you to reflect on and consolidate learning and enhance problem solving.

Cognitive assessments and interventions for stroke and acquired brain injury
Presented by Charlie Chung

This two-day highly interactive workshop will allow you to apply your knowledge of cognition to a more systematic approach of formal and informal cognitive assessment for adults and older adults who sustained a stroke or brain injury.
Occupation and trauma: Expanding occupational therapy practice
Presented by Megan Edgelow & Heidi Cramm

This two-day interactive workshop provides you with the opportunity to explore the nature, prevalence, and impacts of trauma, as well as current evidence-based assessment and intervention approaches for occupational therapy practice using a framework based on client readiness. Trauma-informed practice approaches, inclusive of families and support networks, will be highlighted.
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