CAOT Practice Networks at Conference 

Suicide Prevention Network Suicide Prevention Network
Kim Hewitt  
Thursday, May 7 9:05-9:55
Gallery D

The CAOT Network – Addressing Suicide in OT Practice strives to maintain OT representation across Canada and practice settings. Large group and smaller committee work completed by a dedicated group of OTs increases the identity and value of occupational therapists in suicide prevention in this country. Current committees include; curriculum committee, systems level committee, individual committee and a tool vetting committee. New members always welcome.


Retired Members Practice network Retired Members Practice Network
Margaret Thompson  
Thursday, May 7 9:05-9:55
Gallery Suite I

Ready to retire? Thinking of retiring? Already retired?
Wondering what other Retired Occupational Therapists are doing?
Join us to discover the benefits of maintaining contact with your profession and learn about opportunities and passions that network members bring to the group.


Occupational Justice for newcomers Occupational Justice for Newcomers Network (OJNN)
Carla Giddings  
Thursday, May 7 9:05-9:55
Gallery C

Come join members of the Occupational Justice for Newcomers Network (OJNN) to learn about the newest research on occupational therapy, migration and forced displacement. This is a 45-minute session for OJNN members, and anyone interested in learning more about occupational justice for asylum seekers, refugees, and newcomers. Bring a summary of your own research or a relevant study to share. Or bring your questions and insights to contribute to a lively conversation.


Palliative & End-of Life Care Palliative & End-of Life Care
Julie Wilding  
Thursday, May 7 12:00-12:50
Gallery B

The purpose is to actively engage Canadian occupational therapists to help them to integrate a palliative approach in their professional practice.
The functions are:
1. To engage occupational therapists to understand and integrate the key elements of the Canadian National Strategy for Hospice palliative care into daily practice, in order to improve the quality of the experience of dying for their clients.

2. To create opportunities for sharing resources, discussing innovations and facilitating changes that advance the growth of the occupational therapy role in palliative and end-of-life care.

The working groups are: Advocacy, Education and Best Practices/Research


Sexuality and Occupational Therapy Practice Network Sexuality and Occupational Therapy Practice Network
Michelle Leclerc  
Thursday, May 7 12:00-12:50
Gallery A

The Sexuality and Occupational Therapy Practice Network aims to provide its members with up to date resources in order to apply evidence-based practice for client needs regarding sex, reproductive health, safety, fertility, and many more aspects of sexuality following a diagnosis. We aim to provide a platform for members to share experiences, knowledge, and research on addressing sexuality in practice, as well as the opportunity to build the members’ capacities to help their clients live a meaningful, fulfilling life.


Global Health Network Global Health Network
Jeff Boniface  
Friday, May 8 12:00-12:50
Gallery D

The Global Health Network wishes to permit occupational therapists and students throughout Canada to collaborate and share their experiences in global health and social inclusion. Its goal is therefore mainly to advance the promotion of occupational therapy with all populations, with respect to the quality of practice, ethics, understanding of the cultural, social, economic and political issues related to different contexts and countries, and the sustainability of actions and changes.


OTA/PTA Practice Network OTA/PTA Practice Network
Debra Cooper  
Friday, May 8 12:00-12:50
Gallery B
Come join the new Occupational Therapists Assistant Network in their introductory session. The network strives to connect OTs and OTAs, while advocating and educating about the OTA role to allow for further collaboration between the professions. Please come join the discussion or to have any OTA practice questions answered. New members are welcome.


Dementia Care Network Dementia Care Network
Sylvia Davidson  
Friday, May 8 12:00-12:50
Gallery A

The purpose of the Dementia Care Network is to build capacity and support the work of occupational therapists in providing care for persons with dementia. The objectives include the following:
• To provide a platform to promote knowledge exchange among occupational therapists who have a role with persons with dementia.
• To build a repository of resources relevant to the role of occupational therapy in dementia care.
• To develop additional resources based on identified needs of occupational therapists.
• To promote evidence-based practice in the field of dementia care.



Technology for Occupation and Participation Practice Network Technology for Occupation and Participation Practice Network
Rosalie Wang  
Friday, May 8 9:35-10:25
Gallery B

With increasing pervasiveness of technology, enhancing competency and capacity in practice is a necessity for occupational therapists. In this forum, we will discuss recent and future activities of the National CAOT Practice Network focused on technology for occupation and participation.



Indigenous Health Network Indigenous Health Network
Monique Lizon  
Friday, May 8 9:05-9:55
Gallery C

The Occupational Therapy and Indigenous Health network consists of CAOT members with an interest in building capacity, lobbying for occupational therapy services, and generating a greater discourse on occupational therapy and Indigenous Peoples’ health in Canada. The OTIHN is a volunteer group of Indigenous and settler occupational therapy clinicians, educators, researchers and students who work with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists National Office staff to develop supports, resources and lobby efforts to build and promote occupational therapy services with Indigenous Peoples.

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