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CAOT is proud to release a new document entitled, the “CAOT Lexicon/ Lexique de l‘ACE”. This document lists 332 occupational therapy terms in English and French. The intent of this document is to provide the profession with a specific and universal language framework. CAOT will use the document to guide the translation of our materials. CAOT hopes that other occupational therapy researchers, educators, practitioners, students, policy makers and managers adopt this tool in their daily practice to help us communicate with one another with precision and clarity.

Background: In the Fall of 2010, eight French- speaking occupational therapists from Canadian universities, the Consortium National de Formation en Santé (CNFS), and the CAOT staff met to review existing translation of terms and to reach consensus on the French equivalent of common English occupational therapy terms such as ‘enabling’ and ‘engagement’. A number of references including linguistic databases and dictionaries were consulted to validate the consensus for each term. The result of this collaboration is the creation of a bilingual lexicon of occupational therapy terms which will be used to review existing translations and guide future translations of occupational therapy publications and materials. CAOT is grateful for the contributions of the following people who attended the meeting in the Fall of 2010 to create the CAOT lexicon/Lexique de l’ACE: Martine Brousseau, Christiane DesLauriers, Paulette Guitard, Nadine Larivière, Huguette Picard, Manon Tremblay, Catherine Vallée.

CAOT is committed to review this list of terms annually. If you have any comments or if you have any terms to add to the lexicon please contact

Download the CAOT Lexicon document.

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