Mentorship On Demand FAQs

Is the program available in English and in French?

Yes! The complimentary resources are available in English and in French. Upon registration, mentors are asked in what language(s) they would be comfortable providing mentorship and mentees are asked in what language(s) they would prefer to receive mentorship. It is therefore possible to be matched with an English-speaking or a French-speaking person, depending on your preference and comfort level.

When will I be matched with my mentor?

After registering for the program, you are responsible to send your completed workbook to

Within 10 business days of receiving your completed workbook, CAOT will provide you with a selection of Mentor Profiles, which includes information on the mentor’s area of practice, skills, experience and more.

Review the Mentor Profiles, consider your reflective professional goals, and provide CAOT with your top three choices for mentors.

Within 3 business days of receiving your top three choices for mentors, CAOT will facilitate the matching process, pair you with one of your three mentor choices, and connect you with the mentor via email.

What happens if I don’t think the mentor is a good match for me?

You and the mentor have 10 business days after this initial contact to notify CAOT if you feel that it is not a good match; in this case, CAOT will select another mentor for you.

What are some appropriate goals to explore with a mentor?

In preparation for the program, you will complete a workbook, which will guide you through examining your strengths and your areas of professional growth to assist you in identifying your professional goals. The following are some examples of topics that mentees in the previous offerings of the CAOT mentorship program have explored with a mentor:

  • Clinical questions and clinical reasoning
  • Career advice (job applications, interviews, resumes, work environments, different career paths, private practice)
  • Ethical questions
  • Occupational therapy services 
  • Occupational therapy roles, responsibilities and workplace culture
  • Occupation-based practice in mental health
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Resources and assessment tools
  • Navigating third party funders in private practice

What if I already have a mentor/mentee in mind and don’t require the matching service?

Introduce yourself, share your completed workbook with your mentor, and negotiate a mentorship agreement together.

Please note that Mentorship On Demand is not appropriate as a source for studying resources or advice for the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam (NOTCE).  Please consult the NOTCE Resources on the CAOT website for this information .

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