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Why should you become a mentor for Mentorship On Demand?

Share your experience: Use your knowledge to guide less experienced occupational therapists or occupational therapist assistants through the challenges of starting a career in a new area.

Take on a leadership role: Mentoring helps to develop leadership skills that can be applied throughout your practice.

Advance your practice: Mentors experience the new perspectives from less experienced occupational therapists or occupational therapist assistants. At the end of the 6-month mentorship, you will also receive a credit for a complimentary Practice Evidence Webinar (live or On-Demand).

What is Mentorship On Demand?

Mentorship On Demand allows occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants to seek mentorship “on demand” (when they need it).

  • Utilize complimentary resources exclusive to CAOT members to help prepare for a mentorship relationship.
  • Mentees identify professional goals.
  • A personalized matching process pairs you with an occupational therapist or occupational therapist assistant based on similar values, interests and professional paths.
  • Mentees can start at any time!

How does the program work?

  1. Learn more about becoming a mentor with the FREE recorded webinar Preparation for mentors (16 minutes).   Locked content for members
    For more information, complete the workbook for mentors .   Locked content for members

  2. Complete the  Mentor Profile . (This profile provides a summary of your experience and interests. It is shared with potential mentees to find a good fit in the matching process.)

  3. Send the completed Mentor Profile to



You will be part of CAOT’s mentor bank for a period of 12 months. Within 12 months, CAOT may contact you to pair you with a mentee. If you are selected as a mentor for a mentee participating in the program, CAOT will connect you with the mentee via email. 

You and the mentee have 10 business days after this initial contact to notify CAOT if you feel that it is not a good match.

 Meet your


The mentee will share with you their professional goals. Discuss together what form of communication you will use and fill out a  mentorship agreement

 Months 1

 to 3:

Communicate with your mentee at least twice per month (at least one of these should be telephone, video calling or face to face).

 Months 4

 to 6:

Communicate with your mentor at least once per month.
 End Receive a certificate of completion for your portfolio as well as a credit for a complimentary CAOT Practice Evidence Webinar (live or upcoming).

Experience of past participants:


“It became more apparent to me as the sessions continued that my mentee in many respects became my mentor. Her fresh perspective and enthusiasm about occupational therapy inspired me to "shake up" my own career.”

“I feel my encounters with my mentee allowed me to explore my own skills and abilities and challenged me to find ways to help him in his journey to becoming a registered occupational therapist.”

“I was pleasantly surprised that I had "survived" many of the challenges/struggles that my mentee is currently experiencing. It was a good reminder of my own progression and development.”

“Initially I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to offer my mentee as we have different practice areas, but following our first meeting I realized that I could help to guide her through higher level clinical reasoning questions, which was what she was looking for.”

“It has been a great experience offering strategies/useful hints on what I’ve learned in my own early experience as a private practice OT with my mentee.”



“My short-term goal was to gain more work hours. My mentor gave me the “push” I needed to apply. I was not very hopeful about getting in but with her encouragement, I applied and I got an offer of employment! As an IEOT, I have gained more confidence and clarity in my career path here in Canada, all thanks to the program and to my awesome mentor!”


“Working in a new and challenging position as a fairly recent grad, my mentor was able to relate his own early work experience to how I was feeling. I found it easy to talk with my mentor about specific questions, but also discuss about my decision-making process.”


“My experience has been much more than I ever expected. It has been challenging, rewarding, exhilarating, and inspiring. I do not have any onsite OTs at my worksite, so I was really feeling lost and overwhelmed. My mentor has helped me look at the both the big picture and the little picture. I am so grateful for the connection we have made.”


 “It has been enriching to meet with a mentor who has an abundance of diverse experience in areas that overlap with my experience and anticipated trajectory. Her words always ring true and remind me to pay attention to things I did not anticipate or had forgotten that I know.”


 “I have been analyzing my experience in looking for occupational therapy related employment and my mentor has been amazing in helping me look at my life experience as skills that matter.”

  1. Is the program available in English and in French?

Yes! The complimentary resources are available in English and in French. Upon registration, mentees are asked in what language(s) they would prefer to receive mentorship. During the matching process, we consider the languages that you can speak and your preferred language (indicated on your CAOT Account).

  1. What is the cost to participate as a mentor?

The mentorship resources are complimentary and exclusive to CAOT Members and Associates . There is no fee for mentors to participate.

  1. I am not a CAOT Member or Associate. Can I still participate in the program?

Mentorship On Demand is exclusive to CAOT Members and Associates therefore you must be a CAOT Member or Associate to access the resources and to participate, either as a mentee or a mentor.

  • Mentor registration is available for CAOT Members, CAOT Retired Members, CAOT Occupational Therapist Assistants and CAOT Individual Associates who are occupational therapist assistants.
  • The mentorship resources are available exclusively to CAOT Student Associates, CAOT Provisional Associates, CAOT Occupational Therapist Assistants, CAOT Individual Associates, CAOT Members and CAOT Retired Members.

The chart below may be helpful for you to identify your membership category eligibility.

If you are a/an… You are eligible to become a…
Registered occupational therapist in Canada CAOT Member

(first-year members and new graduates receive 
a 50% discount on membership fees)
Occupational therapist assistant from an accredited OTA/PTA 
program or occupational therapist assistant who was previously 
registered as a CAOT Support Worker Associate
CAOT Occupational Therapist Assistant 
Student of an entry-level occupational therapy program or 
OTA/PTA program in Canada
CAOT Member Practicing Outside Canada
Occupational therapist living outside of Canada who passed the 
National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination
CAOT Individual Associate
Occupational therapist assistant who did not graduate from an 
accredited OTA/PTA program and who was not previously registered 
as a CAOT Support Worker Associate
CAOT Individual Associate
Health professional or professional from a different discipline CAOT Individual Associate
  1. What should I do if I don’t think the mentee is a good match for me?

You and the mentee have 10 business days after the initial contact to notify CAOT if you feel that it is not a good match.

  1. What should I do if I no longer wish to be part of the mentor database?

If you would no longer be available or interested in being a mentor with CAOT’s Mentorship On Demand program, please contact to be removed from the list.

  1. What are some examples of goals that a mentee may want to work on with me?

In preparation for the program, mentees will complete a workbook to guide them through examining their strengths and their areas of professional growth to assist in identifying their professional goals. The following are some examples of topics that mentees in the previous offerings of the CAOT mentorship program have explored with a mentor:

  • Clinical questions and clinical reasoning
  • Career advice (job applications, interviews, resumes, work environments, different career paths, private practice)
  • Ethical questions
  • Occupational therapy services 
  • Occupational therapy roles, responsibilities and workplace culture
  • Occupation-based practice in mental health
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Resources and assessment tools
  • Navigating third party funders in private practice

Please note that Mentorship On Demand is not appropriate as a source for studying resources or advice for the National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam (NOTCE).  
Please consult the NOTCE Resources on the CAOT website for this information  .

  1. What if I already have a mentee in mind and don’t require the matching service?

Introduce yourself, share your completed workbooks , and negotiate a  mentorship agreement  together.


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