Global Health Practice Network


  • Permit occupational therapists and students throughout Canada to communicate, collaborate, support each other and share their experiences, expertise and opportunities in global health and social inclusion.


  • To develop an online platform to share resources, tools and information related to global health and occupational therapy.

  • Advance the promotion of occupational therapy with all populations, with respect to the quality of practice, ethics, understanding of the cultural, social, economic and political issues related to different contexts and countries, and the sustainability of actions and changes.

  • Enable knowledge development, improved practice in global health and integration of learnings into occupational therapist’s everyday work and formation.

  • To develop reciprocal alliances and partnerships between occupational therapists and relevant organizations interested in global health.

  • Mentor and educate clinicians and students wanting to participate to missions and build partnership in global health context to do so with respect of the approaches promoted by the WHO and the WFOT, in order to bring sustainable change, empower communities and people, to work respectfully with the local communities and consistent with the needs of the populations and individuals.


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