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The CAOT Retired Member Network started in 2016 in response to CAOT members, who are retired or considering retirement, who expressed a desire to remain in touch with the profession and CAOT. The Purpose and Objectives were determined in collaboration with those who either attended one of the first two meetings or expressed interest in the Network.
Any CAOT members who wish to join the Network may contact either of the Co-Chairs (see below). Either CAOT retired members or CAOT members approaching retirement may participate.
Purpose of the Network

To support CAOT members who are retired or approaching retirement to remain connected with and contributing to their profession and the broader community.

Objectives of the Network

  1. To develop and utilize strategies that encourage CAOT retired members to remain connected with the profession and each other;
  2. To demonstrate how the retiree’s professional background and life skills may be used after retirement;
  3. To advocate about issues affecting CAOT retired members;
  4. To provide feedback to CAOT about the needs of retired members;
  5. To provide mentorship to practicing occupational therapists and others.
    Emilie Embrey  - 
    Sue Baptiste (Ontario)
    Mari Basiletti (Prince Edward Island) 
    Louise Brunelle (Ontario)
    Donna Campbell (Ontario) - Profile
    Jocelyn Campbell (Ontario)
    Emmy Embrey (Ontario)
    Bluma Goldberg (Alberta) - Profile
    Diane Hobelaid (British Columbia)
    Sandra Hobson (British Columbia) - Profile
    Pat McKee (Ontario)
    Carol Moogk-Soulis (Ontario)
    Carol Morrison (New Brunswick)
    Elizabeth Steggles (Ontario) - Profile
    Margaret Tompson (Saskatchewan) - Profile
    Briana Zur (Ontario) - Profile

Members of the Retired Member Network at CAOT Conference 2018


Presentation on "Use of Title”, by Sharon Eadie, OT Canada.

Presentation on "An introduction to Retirement of Occupational Therapists"

Recording / Handout 

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