Position Statements

CAOT develops position statements in areas that reflect government priorities and maintains their currency and accuracy to the extent possible so that they can be used as communication tools for advocacy purposes to increase knowledge and raise awareness about occupational therapy amongst decision makers.   Information in position statements, such as recommended actions, serve to support occupational therapists in the evolution of their practice.  

CAOT’s current Position Statements:

Autism spectrum disorders and occupational therapy (2015)

Occupational Therapy and Aboriginal Health (2011 – revision underway)

Occupational Therapy and End-of-Life Care (2011 – revision underway)

Occupational Therapy and Home & Community Care (2016 – revised)

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Care (2008 - revised)

Occupational Therapy and Older adults (2011 – revised)

Joint Position Statements:

Professional responsibility in fieldwork education in occupational therapy CAOT & ACOTUP (2012)

Joint Position Statement on Diversity  CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, COTF, PAC (2014 – revised)

Joint Position Statement on Evidence‐based Occupational Therapy  CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, PAC (2009 - reviewed)

Professional identity, individual responsibility and public accountability through the use of title in occupational therapy CAOT, ACOTRO, ACOTUP, COTF, PAC (2013 - revised) 

The Role of Health Professionals in Tobacco Cessation CAOT, CCPA, CDHA, CMA, CNA, CPA (2011 - revised)

Archived Position Statements: CAOT members will continue to have access to archived position statements.  These will not be updated as position statements but will remain available as resources.

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