Home Modifications

Home Modifications are environmental interventions that aim to support performance and engagement in meaningful activity, as well as living in place in one’s home. In the Canadian context, with rising prevalence rates of persons living with disability, there are numerous opportunities for occupational therapists to be leaders in enabling occupation through tailor-made home modifications. There is also a great need to raise awareness about the unique role of OTs in this field.

CAOT is working towards increasing awareness of and access to occupational therapy services to be more accessible to those who need them. A Home Modification Task Force has been established to help move forward on this priority and we thank these valued volunteers for their ongoing dedication and expertise; Janet Craik, Lesya Dyk and Marnie Courage.


Fact Sheet. This fact sheet is designed to help in raising awareness of the role OTs play in home modification.  Make it available wherever relevant discussions are happening, or email it as part of an outreach or advocacy campaign.

Infographic. Use this diagram as a companion piece to the fact sheet or when introducing clients and/or their caregivers to the OT role in preventing falls by making home modifications.

Brochure. This brochure is listing all of the CAOT resources and professional development opportunities to support you in advancing your capacity in offering home modification services.

Learning Needs Checklist. Complete this 2-page checklist to help reflect on your current skills and knowledge regarding the home modification practice. Once you have completed the checklist, you will receive a personalized learning needs report to help you develop your own professional development plan. 

Contractors Questionnaire. Use this questionnaire to help you to evaluate quotations and secure the collaboration of the most qualified and professional home contractors and renovators.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Professional Practice by phone: 613-523-2268 / 1 800 434-2268 ext. 226 or email: practice@caot.ca

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