CAOT Professional Issue Forums (PIFs)

Each year at the CAOT Conference, Professional Issue Forums are presented to address priority health and social issues, and emerging practice areas in occupational therapy.  The PIFS allow CAOT to consult with occupational therapists and stakeholders to inform the development of recommended actions to address the particular subject area. Occupational therapists and stakeholders are encouraged to review the PIF summary reports and to consider incorporating the call(s) to action into their practice.

2020 Services for people on the autism spectrum disorder

2019 Aging in Place

2019 Addressing Addiction

2018 Occupational Therapy Paths to TRC with Indigenous Peoples

2018 MAiD and Suicide Prevention

2017 Supporting the Contribution of Occupational Therapist Assistants

2017 Recovery in Mental Health & Slides

2016 Rural and Remote Occupational Therapy

2016 Poverty and Homelessness

2015 Diversifying the Occupational Therapy Profession 

2015 Active Transport and the Role of Occupation Therapy

2014 Suicide Prevention and the Role of Occupational Therapy

2014 Interprofessional Education & Collaboration

2013 Navigating 3rd Party Funders

2013 Criminal Justice System

2012 Rising Tide of Dementia in Can

2012 Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention

2011 Pain Management and Occupational Therapy

2011 Cancer Survivorship and Occupational Therapy

2010 Knowledge Translation Strategies

2010 Advanced Practice

2009 Workforce Retention in Occupational Therapy

2009 Advanced Practice

2008 Obesity & Health Occupation

2008 First Nations & Inuit Health

2007 Access to Occupational Therapy

2006 Research Without Borders

2006 Dysphagia

2005 Clinical Practice Guidelines

2004 Occupation and Mental Health Care

2004 Occupation and End of Life Care

2003 Workplace Health

2003 Disability Management

2002 Universal Design & Growing Through Occupation

2002 Growing through Occupation & Active Living
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