Planning and hosting a CarFit training sessions and public events can seem daunting. What are the steps? What do I need to do? How do I get started? Who do I need to contact to get the ball rolling?

We have you equipped! CAOT and CAA have been working hard with AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association to provide our members with all the resources and planning materials that you could need to organize, plan, and host an event in your community. 

Getting started! In a few simple steps!

  1. Download the CarFit Event Planning Form , a great step by steps sheet to ensure that you have all the details covered.
  2. Complete the CarFit Event Planning Form and email it to and your local CAA Club. As you know you’re not in it alone, CAA has partnered with CAOT in the implementation of the CarFit Canada.  
  3. Begin planning the event with all your partners. Before seeking sponsorship, discuss with your partners to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with the selected sponsors. Register your event as soon as things are confirmed or that you need guidance by sending your planning sheet to .

And remember if you have any questions at all; feel free to contact us at . We are always here to help.

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Materials needed to run a CarFit Event

CAOT and CAA believes in the need to keep the CarFit Canada Program accessible and affordable for all who want to hold an event. Therefore we are providing the necessary products available for free or for sale at cost.

CarFit Participant Waiver   The waiver ensures that all organizer, participants and volunteers, as well as the Canadian Automobile Association; its affiliated clubs, the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists are cleared from liability. This is a crucial document to be completed by all participants of the CarFit Program.   Download for free
CarFit 12 Point Checklist  

The CarFit Canada checklist is a 12 point lists that and your vehicle work together. A trained CarFit Technician will ask you several simple questions and complete a 12-point checklist.

We have made available the 12-point checklist with a carbon-copy for order at a cost-recovery basis.

  Download Legal Size Checklist
CarFit Promotional Flyer   

CarFit Promotional Flyer promotes CarFit as an educational program that provides a quick, yet comprehensive review of how well you and your vehicle work together.

The programme also provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance your driving safety and increase mobility.Visit  for additional resources.


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Occupational Therapy and Older Driver Safety Factsheet   Occupational Therapy and Older Driver Safety Factsheet promote the role of occupational therapy and provide information on thestrategies to help drivers reduce injury and promote safe-driving practices to keep this older drivers actively engaged in their communities.  

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CarFit Canada Ruler

  The Ruler provides the proper measurement to evaluate the distance from the steering wheel and ensure optimal line of sight.  

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