CarFit Instructor, Coordinator and/or Technician

We are updating the CarFit Canada database!

A Canadian CarFit database will provide CarFit trained technicians, coordinators and instructors, and our partner CAA with up to date and accurate information about trained CarFit technicians, coordinators and instructors in Canada.

Need help joining the CarFit database?

Please register in our CarFit database. Registering for the Canadian CarFit database ensures you can keep up to date with CarFit in Canada. The database is not made available to the public. It is only searchable by trained technicians, coordinators and instructors in Canada.

Want to search for a technician, coordinator or instructor to help with your event?

Login to your CAOT member or non-member account to access the database. If you notice that you are not coming up under your province, please view/edit your profile to include all provinces you are willing to participate in an event.   

Want to create/post a CarFit event?

We will also be creating a new events database in order to share CarFit Events with members of CAOT, as well as the general public. 

Materials needed to run a CarFit Event

CAOT and CAA believes in the need to keep the CarFit Canada Program accessible and affordable for all who want to hold an event. Therefore we are providing the necessary products available for free or for sale at cost. Visit our store to purchase signage, checklists, rulers, etc.

CarFit participant waiver   The waiver ensures that all organizer, participants and volunteers, as well as the Canadian Automobile Association; its affiliated clubs, the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists are cleared from liability. This is a crucial document to be completed by all participants of the CarFit Program.   Download for free
Occupational Therapy and Driver safety fact sheet   Occupational Therapy and Older Driver Safety Factsheet promote the role of occupational therapy and provide information on thestrategies to help drivers reduce injury and promote safe-driving practices to keep this older drivers actively engaged in their communities.  

Download for free

CarFit Canada ruler

  The Ruler provides the proper measurement to evaluate the distance from the steering wheel and ensure optimal line of sight.  

Order now


Additional resources

Remember to check with CarFit in the United States as they have many resources that are helpful that we may not yet have in Canada.

And remember if you have any questions at all; feel free to contact us at . We are always here to help.. 

First, check for upcoming CarFit events in your area that include training.

If you do not find an upcoming CarFit event in your area that includes training, and would like to be CarFit trained as a technician, coordinator or instructor, we can place you on a CarFit training waiting list.  

Are you part of a department, group, business or organization who would like your team to become CarFit trained to offer CarFit 1:1 or host CarFit events in future in partnership with CAA and CAOT? Request a CarFit training event

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