About CAOT-Qc

History and strategic priorities

Founded on October 1,  2016, the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists  (CAOT-Qc)Qc) offers local representation and support to occupational therapists in Quebec..  As such, its strategic priorities are:

  • Develop and strengthen the infrastructure to support CAOT-Qc;
  • Encourage members to collaborate in occupational therapy advocacy and promotion in Quebec;
  • Represent the professional interests of occupational therapists and occupational therapy in Quebec with partners and collaborators;
  • Promote occupational therapy in Quebec to the  government,  the media and the general public by encouraging the participation of CAOT-Qc members.

CAOT-Qc Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between CAOT and CAOT-Qc?
A: CAOT is the national professional association that represents occupational therapists across Canada on national issues by influencing public policy and developing partnerships with national groups, for example. CAOT-Qc is the Quebec chapter of the CAOT and represents occupational therapists in Quebec at the provincial level through advocacy at the local level by working with the various stakeholders in the occupational therapy field in Quebec.

Q: Are there other provincial chapters of the CAOT?
A: Yes, there are. CAOT-BC (British Columbia) was founded in 2011 and CAOT-North was founded in 2018.

Q: How much does it cost to become a member of CAOT-Qc and why is membership more expensive than in other provinces?
A: The cost of membership for different categories of members (new graduate, full-time worker, part-time worker, etc.) is  available here. The additional cost associated with membership in CAOT-Qc covers fees for services provided only to members in the province.

Q: Can I choose to be a CAOT or a CAOT-Qc member only, separately?
A: No, you cannot. Under the integrated national and provincial representation model, if you reside in Quebec, you will automatically be a member of both the CAOT and the CAOT-QC at the time of your membership.

Q: How can I get involved with CAOT-Qc?
A: There are several ways to get involved with CAOT-Qc. Do you have an idea for a project? Do you want to put your skills to work for the occupational therapy community in Quebec? The CAOT-Qc is ready to hear you and work with you!  Contact us to discuss it.

Q: I have a professional issue, how can the CAOT-Qc help me?
A: It is very important to keep your professional association informed about issues affecting occupational therapists in Quebec.  Contact us to discuss your concerns.

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