CAOT-Qc Membership Benefits

CAOT-Qc is your provincial representative. Together we strengthen occupational therapy, building excellence for the profession and better health and well-being for Quebecers. 

Membership with CAOT and CAOT-Qc is combined. Choosing to belong to CAOT in Quebec gives you exclusive provincial benefits through CAOT-Qc, in addition to all that CAOT has to offer.  

Occupational therapists registered to work in Quebec are not required to complete the National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination (NOTCE) in order to be a member of CAOT.

CAOT-Qc provides:  

Dedicated leadership.  The CAOT-Qc Managing Director works on behalf of members to deliver chapter-specific initiatives that affect your practice.  The CAOT-Qc Advisory Committee helps to prioritize chapter activities based on a broad spectrum of occupational therapy input.

Professional development.

CAOT-Qc is collaborating with a group of researchers to develop new skills for Quebec occupational therapists.  A training program to become an ‘agent of change’ for the profession is in development, to increase representation and visibility for occupational therapy across the region.

We are pleased to partner with le programme de développement professionnel continu du programme d’ergothérapie de l’Université de Montréal to expand our workshop offerings in Quebec and in French. CAOT Members and Associates receive preferred rates!

Practice resources. In addition to the tools and reference documents for all Canadian occupational therapy professionals, we are developing resources specific to practice in Quebec. 

Networking.  The CAOT-Qc community is growing through face-to-face meetings to network and discuss the profession’s issues.  In the past twelve months, over 10 membership forums have been hosted, mostly at our universities.

Public awareness.  Through a partnership developed with Proxim pharmacies, 14 public awareness events were held to provide CAOT-Qc volunteers with an opportunity to share falls prevention education with the public.

Recognition.  Members of CAOT-Qc are eligible to nominate colleagues CAOT awards and to receive one.  Nominations for the CAOT-Qc Outstanding Occupational Therapist of the Year Award are accepted each year in the fall.  Each year Quebec members are also eligible for regional awards for Fieldwork Educator Award of Excellence and Student Award .

Member communication. Watch for updates to this CAOT-Qc website, and follow and contribute to CAOT-Qc’s Facebook, @ACEQcCAOT for all the latest.

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