CAOT-BC staff (Managing Director and Service Coordinator) work on behalf of members to deliver chapter-specific initiatives that affect your practice. Staff work closely with the CAOT-BC Advisory Committee to promote information sharing and coordinated planning on provincial issues. 

CAOT-BC Managing Director

Tanya Fawkes-Kirby, OT

Tanya has worked as an OT since graduating from UBC’s first MOT class in 2006. She has worked in both public and private practice areas spanning acute care, slow stream rehab, and community based OT in her career so far. She has worked in private practice community rehabilitation since 2009. Her primary practice areas have included spinal cord injury rehab, brain injury rehab, and complex multi-injury rehab planning and case management. She currently works in her own practice focused on providing environmental adaptations in peoples living spaces to improve accessibility and functioning in her clients’ daily lives. She also provides Cost of Future Care Assessments through her practice and has been qualified as an expert in OT and for the purpose of Life Care Planning in the Provincial Court of BC. Since it started, Tanya has recognized the importance of volunteering for CAOT-BC. She has enjoyed actively participating in subcommittees and working groups with the Private Practice Business Network over the years.

CAOT-BC Advisory Committee Chair

Shelly Dornian, OT

Shelly Dornian

Shelly completed a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of British Columbia in 2014. Since graduation, she has worked in private and public healthcare in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver regions. She has special interest in persistent pain, mental health, concussion, as well as return to work.

Through occupational therapy, Shelly is passionate about helping people to engage in meaningful activities that restore and enhance quality of life. She is a strong advocate for the profession of occupational therapy and the incredible contributions that occupational therapists make in people's lives. Shelly is an enthusiastic member of CAOT-BC, serving on the Advisory Committee and Private Practice Business Network subgroups.


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