Accessing Occupational Therapy in BC

Occupational therapists (OTs) are regulated health care professionals who promote health and well-being through everyday activities, also known as occupations. OTs work with people across the lifespan, in a variety of different settings. In order to help their clients participate in their daily activities, occupational therapists teach new ways of doing things, adapt materials or equipment, and make changes to the environment. Learn more about occupational therapy.

Looking for an occupational therapist? In BC, occupational therapy is accessible through the public and private health insurance system.

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When You Should See an Occupational Therapist
You should see an occupational therapist (OT) when an injury, illness or disability is preventing you from participating in your daily activities, be it getting dressed, attending work or school, or engaging in sports or hobbies – anything you want or need to do. 
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Coverage for Occupational Therapy Services in BC
When accessed in government health care facilities, occupational therapy is covered by the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). Occupational therapy may also be covered in work-related injury or motor vehicle accident claims. 

Recommended Fees for Occupational Therapy Services in BC
The CAOT-BC Private Practice Survey Results and Suggested Fee Guideline provides occupational therapy rate information for occupational therapists and the public. 

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