CAOT-BC is your provincial representative. Together we strengthen occupational therapy, building excellence for the profession and better health and well being for British Columbians.

Membership with CAOT and CAOT-BC is combined. Choosing to belong to CAOT in British Columbia gives you exclusive provincial benefits through CAOT-BC, in addition to all that CAOT has to offer. 

Image of BC landscape CAOT-BC provides:

Provincial advocacy
. CAOT-BC influences policy change regarding occupational therapy through regular meetings with BC government decision-makers. Advocacy initiatives to third party funders and key stakeholders champion the value of the profession. Innovative community-based outreach raises the profile of occupational therapy to media, government and the public.
Dedicated leadership. CAOT-BC staff (Managing Director and Service Coordinator) work on behalf of members to deliver chapter-specific initiatives that affect your practice. The CAOT-BC Advisory Committee promotes information sharing and coordinated planning on provincial issues. 
BC-only member communications. CAOT-BC members stay engaged and informed through receipt of weekly blog updates, OTalk BC monthly e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. The CAOT-BC website identifies relevant events, listings and learning opportunities for you to take advantage of. OT in the News compiles local media stories highlighting occupational therapy. 
CAOT-BC: The Podcast. CAOT-BC has teamed up with The Jeneralist to produce some exclusive content for occupational therapists in the beautiful province of BC. This collaboration is all about knowledge translation to make it easier to keep up with the changing landscape, high quality research and OT wins across the province.
Practice Networks. Practice networks provide opportunities for valuable networking and resource sharing through local educational events, workshops and publications that build knowledge and promote practice excellence. With 12 to choose from, there is one to fit your practice needs.
Awards & Grants. Outstanding individuals and groups in BC are recognized through the CAOT dedicated awards program. CAOT-BC also supports members to present occupational therapy research through the annual Research and Education Grant and to participate in continuing education through the Dianna Mah-Jones Memorial Grant for Innovation.
Practice Resources. CAOT-BC develops and shares tools and resources to support the practice needs of BC occupational therapists, such as Briefing Notes, Private Practice Fee Survey Results and Suggested Fee Guidelines, evidence for occupational therapy, and more. 
Access to Electronic Health Library of BC (e-HLbc). CAOT-BC members receive complimentary access to this evidence-based suite of online health library resources designed to support excellence in the academic and health care community of British Columbia. This includes 12 million bibliographic citations and abstracts for 6,148 journals. 
CAOT-BC Exclusives. Member-only rates have been negotiated for the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), Playland and Broadway Across Canada.
All this for only $75 more than your CAOT national membership package. It's a small price to pay for a 'mountain' of added value! Continue your commitment to occupational therapy today.

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