Fieldwork opportunities for occupational therapy students studying outside Canada

The process:

If you are an occupational therapy student studying outside of Canada and interested in a fieldwork placement in Canada, please note that you must:

- choose only one city/catchment area of Canada to inquire about a potential placement.

- arrange to have your home university fieldwork coordinator contact the Canadian university fieldwork coordinator for the catchment area in which you would like to have the placement*. – make this contact at least six months prior to the beginning of the placement.

- gather more information about the method of application, associated costs, student requirements, and placement availability from that particular Canadian university fieldwork coordinator.**

- get the contact information you need: Canadian university catchment areas and fieldwork coordinators 

*Please note that students interested in fieldwork opportunities are not allowed to directly contact any Canadian fieldwork facilities or universities asking about placements. This is a strict rule throughout Canada for both Canadian and international students.

**The University of British Columbia is not involved with arranging placements for international students in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. International students seeking placements in British Columbia or the Yukon must have their fieldwork coordinators contact the placement sites directly.

Helpful tips:

  1. Placements for international students within Toronto and surrounding Greater Toronto area are unlikely as these placements are in high demand by Canadian OT students and Canadian students are given priority over international students.
  2. Placement availability during the Canadian summer (Jul-Aug) is unlikely due to high demand and low capacity.
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