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Take this great opportunity to share your expertise with others by reviewing a new or leading-edge assistive technology or product.  You will be helping yourself, colleagues and consumers to make more informed product choices by cutting through the clutter of available products and identifying those most worthy of purchase or referral.  Products that pass the review process earn the right to display the CAOT Seal of Recognition, so your contribution will also provide product suppliers with valuable feedback that they can embed into their manufacturing and service operations to improve quality. Here’s how it works:

  • CAOT Corporate Associates submit their products for a rigorous review with the aim of receiving a CAOT Seal of Recognition which they can use in their product advertising. 
  • Product reviewers receive the product and get to try it out by incorporating it into their practice to test and evaluate its product claims and suitability for client referral. 
  • Several reviewers assess the same product and answer a set of questions regarding the product’s merit, making an ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ recommendation. 
  • CAOT analyzes the input, collaborating with reviewers and product vendors to determine whether a Seal of Recognition will be awarded. If successful, CAOT drafts a product recognition report which is posted to for all to access.
  • Product reviewers receive an honorarium, with our thanks.

Interested?  We hope so.  Please email your CV and a short summary of your practice experience to 

Testimonial from one of our Product Reviewers*:

“Being involved with the CAOT Product Recognition Program has been a rewarding experience.  I have appreciated the opportunity to review different types of devices, consider them thoroughly according to a pre-established framework, and how they would impact the lives of my clients.  It is inspiring to witness the creativity that others have used to develop instruments to facilitate the lives of others and I embrace the role of ensuring not only that occupational therapy clients may be well served by the devices, but also assist in guiding the refinement of the product. In all cases with which I have been involved, recommendations have been made to improve already well considered devices. These recommendations have then been implemented leading to further enhanced utility of the product for future prospective occupational therapy clients.”

*Under the Product Recognition Program, reviewers are kept anonymous. 

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