Research Listing

Research Listing application form

CAOT is pleased to offer you to post your invitation to participate in research on its Research Listing page. Researchers however understand that they still need to take on an active role in promoting their invitation and that they are responsible to ensure the response rate is satisfactory.

Through the Research Listing page, CAOT wishes to ensure its members are informed regarding possible involvement in research opportunities. The posted research opportunities need to be relevant to and supportive of occupational therapy practice as well as being free from any conflicts with CAOT values. 

In order to ensure that research opportunity postings are a good fit for the Research Listing page, CAOT requires that applicants complete the following form and submit it. Please ensure that it includes a short description of the project with goals and timeline, and indicate how it is relevant to occupational therapy practice in Canada (max 250 words).  All questions should be answered and a resource contact person should be designated in the invitation letter to participants. If accepted, your research opportunity will be posted for a maximum of 60 days.

For specific questions about this opportunity, contact Julie Lapointe at or at 1-800-434-2268 ext. 260. 

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