25-Feb-2019 8:30 AM - 26-Feb-2019 4:30 PM - -

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The participants will receive toolkits with resources including, evidence based assessment tools, reports, sample presentations, and a chance to experience the use of various tools through vendor booths.

** Lunch and refreshments will be provided**

Join Nancy for Day 1 of this workshop to learn about:

•The CSA Office ergonomics guidelines
•Understanding the process of assessing a workstation (office-based setting)
•Assessing the worker, work and workplace impacts on ergonomics
•Determining the most appropriate workstation setup based on the assessment and the current research
•Evidence-based recommendations: sit stand workstations, use of various "ergonomic" chairs, input devices, upper extremity support, alternating activities
•Understanding the tools used in ergonomics
•Ergonomics with new technology: the laptop, the tablet, cellphones
•Hands-on assessment practice
•How to create a professional report

Join Nancy for Day 2 of this workshop to learn about:

•The business case for ergonomics
•Marketing your services for ergonomic consultation
•Applying ergonomics in various workstations: industrial ergonomics, music and sport, complex work areas
•Latest assessment approaches and methods: using tools to objectively measure forces, repetition, posture, vibration, environment (noise/lighting)
•Ergonomics as part of return to work planning
•Health safety and wellness - coaching for improved ergonomics
•"Does my attitude impact my ergonomics?" - Understanding the psychology of ergonomics
•Transitions in the workplace that impact ergonomics: virtual assessment, mobile workstations, open work environments, AI and Robotics, Cognitive challenges


Nancy Gowan is the owner of Gowan Consulting and International Occupational Therapy Organization, working with employers and employees in prevention, stay at work and return to work. Nancy co-wrote a chapter in Ergonomics for Therapists and also wrote two editions of a Human Resources Guide to Managing Disability in the Workplace (2010 and 2016). Nancy is passionate about helping employees stay employed through life's challenges. This has led to speaking internationally to promote mental and physical health in the workplace.

•Occupational Therapists, or other health care providers working in return to work or prevention
•Occupational Therapists, or other health care providers wishing to improve their ergonomic recommendations in all areas of practice
•Students/New Graduates wishing to specialize in ergonomics

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