CAOT- Complex feeding and swallowing issues in pediatrics- Greater Toronto Area, ON
14-Sep-2018 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2

Complex feeding and swallowing issues in pediatrics

Greater Toronto Area, ON

Friday, September 14, 2018 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

This one-day workshop will focus on advancing the knowledge base and skill level of therapists working with infants and children with complex feeding and swallowing issues. The assessment and clinical presentation of different issues including motor, respiratory, sensory, gastrointestinal and swallowing will be explored and demonstrated through video. Practical intervention strategies for different issues will be discussed and demonstrated with video. Finally, complex cases will be presented to allow the participant to reflect on and consolidate learning and enhance problem solving. The content of this workshop reflects best practice and is based on an integration of information from the speaker’s extensive clinical experience as well as current evidence from the literature. 

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance electronically following the workshop.


To be determined.

Workshop topics:

  • Clinical presentation of different types of feeding issues
  • Clinical presentation of different types of swallowing issues
  • Practical intervention strategies for different feeding and swallowing issues
  • Advocacy for nutritional and medical interventions

Goals and learning objectives:

After taking part in this workshop, participants will: 

  1. Differentiate between different types of feeding and swallowing issues based on clinical presentation.
  2. Implement appropriate interventions based on assessment findings.
  3. Work collaboratively as part of an interprofessional feeding team in assessing and treating children with feeding and swallowing issues.
  4. Understand when and how to advocate for nutritional and medical interventions.
  5. Apply a problem-solving approach in working with infants and children with complex, multi- factorial issues affecting feeding and swallowing.

Target audience:

This workshop is intended for occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists who work with infants and children who present complex feeding and swallowing issues.  

Please note: Each participant is responsible to ensure they apply the information within the context of their licensure, provincial/territorial legislations, institution regulations, scope of practice, etc. 

Areas of practice

Neurological and neuromuscular, digestive, metabolic, and endocrine

Client age groups

Young children (0-4 years), school age children (5-12 years), adolescents (13-19 years), adults (20-64 years)

Workshop level:

Intermediate (3-5 years of knowledge/experience with infants/children with feeding and swallowing issues)


Sherna Marcus

Sherna Marcus is an occupational therapist who graduated with a BSc in OT in 1990 and completed her Masters in Health Studies in 2016. She has worked at Sick Kids hospital for the past 26 years treating infants and children with complex feeding and swallowing issues. She has taught numerous workshops both nationally and internationally on this topic. She is the co-author two books: "OT's Guide to Paediatric Videofluoroscopy" published in 1999 and "Infant and Child Feeding and Swallowing: Occupational Therapy Assessment and Intervention" published in 2013.

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Included with your registration fee:

On-Demand Practice Evidence Webinar entitled “Gastrointestinal issues and oral feeding: What the occupational therapist needs to know” (individual access), one-day workshop, electronic copy of presentation slide handouts, opportunity to network and make connections with other occupational therapists interested in coaching approaches, coffee/tea/water during mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, one-hour Q&A webinar with the presenter approximately 2 months following the webinar, electronic certificate of attendance

To reduce the registration fee by $40/day, lunch and snacks on your own.

Workshop location:

To be determined.


To offer this workshop at a competitive price and to allow each one to choose food items that best suits their needs and preference, lunch is not included in the registration fee. Participants will either bring their lunch or they can go to one of the nearby restaurants.

Cancellation/refund policy:

All refund requests must be sent in writing to the CAOT National Office. Requests received prior to the registration deadline will be given a 50% refund. CAOT will not provide a refund after the registration deadline. CAOT reserves the right to cancel or modify the offering.

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